ADDIE Paradigm & Master of Patient Index Paper

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1ASSIGNMENT:NAME:I.D NO:DATE:[Type here]2Traditionally, instructional designers and training developers have utilized the ADDIEparadigm as a general method. Using the five phases Analysis, Design, Development,Implementation, and Evaluation can help you develop training and performance supportsystems that are both dynamic and adaptive. The ADDIE paradigm has several flaws, and as aresult, several spin-offs and variants have emerged. A new employee may make or break yourcompany. Regardless of whether you re recruiting your first employee or expanding your team,finding the appropriate person for the job and developing a formal hiring process that is quick,efficient, and legal is essential. However, starting your hiring process from scratch andmaintaining it without the assistance of an HR staff might be frightening. With the ADDIEmodel, training requirements can be accurately identified, effective interventions can bedeveloped, and the results can be accurately assessed. Analysis, Design, Development,Implementation, and Evaluation are the letters that make up the acronym ADDEI.[Type here]3Purpose: To begin, remember that every training program has a core purpose at itscenter its fundamental reason for existence (e.g., solving a specific performance problem). Inthe above example, the training program s goal is to improve customer happiness. The ADDIEmethod is divided into phases, each of which is dedicated to a particular training objective. Atraining program that covers the needs of the company, team and each employee is created due tothis approach to training. Structure corporate L&D interventions begin with Analyze, which isthe first step. A successful analysis leads to the development of a program that is both efficientand aligned at the same time. Because of this, it is simpler to have all three essential viewpointsinvolved (company, team, and individual).During the analysis phase, the following concerns and questions are often addressed:To identify the typical participant s background, MPI characteristics such as their age,nationality, past experiences, and hobbies should be collected under the MPI program. Theworkers educational objectives, prior knowledge levels, and pursuits, as well as their culturalbackgrounds, are included. Are there any specific goals for the pupils to aim for? Do you know what the learnerwants to know?[Type here]4 Is there anything specific you ll need in terms of abilities and abilities to react physicallyor psychologically to do your job well? To what extent do you want students to be able touse what they ve learned? Identifying the most widely used approaches in the field and determining what needs tobe developed or improved Analyze the currently used teaching techniques. Do you thinkthey re sufficient? What needs to be improved, clarified, or added? Identifying the project s end goals and objectives is step no. 5. In what ways does theinitiative aim to improve student learning outcomes? It identifies the many learning environment alternatives that are accessible. What kind ofsetting is best for learning? A mix of in-person and online meetings? What are theadvantages and disadvantages of studying online versus in a classroom? Which methodof delivery should be used? Describe your ideal educational setting. Is it better to dobusiness online, in person, or a combination of both? What is the difference betweenclassroom-based learning and web-based learning if online is preferred? Identifying issues that restrict the project s ability to achieve its ultimate aim. Whatresources, such as technical help, are restricted by what factors?[Type here]5Training ModulesOutcomeDurationHuman Resource Management: Anobligations and roles1 dayOverview Recognizing the HRa brief overview of the businessexecutive senvironment:everything you need to know1 weekbehavioral patterns in organizationsKnowing how company behaves and2 monthswhat it s like to work therePerformance managementKnowledge of the HR executive s1 monthprimary responsibilities and theactivities he is expected to carry out inthe organization.Tools and techniquesKnowledge of the HR executive s1 monthprimary responsibilities and theactivities he is expected to carry out inthe organization.As an HR executive, the candidate s responsibilities would include recruiting, selecting, andtraining new workers for the business. Employee management and control, as well as[Type here]6remuneration, are all responsibilities of an HR executive. HR executives must have training inhuman psychology and behavior to fulfill positions like these. Training ModulesDesignThis is the stage where all the objectives, tools, and subject matter analyses aredetermined and the tests that will be used to assess performance. Learning objectives, content,and subject matter analysis are all addressed in the design phase, along with the selection ofmedia and evaluation tools. An organized and systematic strategy should be used in this phase,with an ordered procedure for identifying, developing, and evaluating planned tactics to achievethe project s objectives. A strict set of guidelines should be followed, and every aspect of theinstructional design strategy must be carried out precisely. Being meticulous throughout thedesign stage is critical to its success. When using a systematic method, you can be certain thateverything is working towards the same end goal: accomplishing the project s goals. The IDsmust determine the following things throughout the design phase:Different mediums will be employed. Examples of these include audio, video, and graphics. Ifthird-party resources are used, will the IDs be responsible for developing them? Will you workon the lesson plans?[Type here]7The project will require a wide range of resources, all of which are on hand. What are youroptions for finishing the job, given the resources you have at your disposal?The amount and sorts of activity that will be created while the experiment is running. Is it goingto be a group effort, an individual one, or a one-on-one affair?How will you put the project s many components into practice in a way reminiscent of a teacher sapproach?Each activity has a set time limit. Does each job require a specific amount of time, and how willlearning be implemented? Is there a need to convey the concepts in a logical order (from easy todifficult)?The many mental processes that participants will need to engage in in order to accomplish theproject s objectives. What cognitive abilities will students need to have in order to meet theproject s learning objectives?Each activity resulted in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. If so, how will you knowth

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