BIO1100 Columbia Southern Pros Gene Therapy & Biological Evolution Discussion

BIO 1100 DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION UNIT III (DUE DATE 02/09//19)I have to comment on my classmate s discussion board question and this is what they wroteThe pros of gene therapy is this idea of ridding genetic disease before it can begin and help eliminate human suffering. Another pro is that gene therapy will eliminate diseases causing genes from being passed down to the next generation. However, some cons of gene therapy is the idea of scientists ‘playing God’. There are many ethical and moral concerns with how gene therapy can help the population.Germ line gene therapy targets the reproductive cells, meaning whatever changes are made to the DNA, it will be passed to the offspring. Somatic gene therapy is when DNA is transferred into the body’s tissue. It targets cells in the body that are not passed on to the offspring. Somatic therapy does not raise ethical concern like germ line.I am very split with the ethical concern over germ line gene therapy. If this therapy has the potential to remove disease before it starts, then this has the ability to lower the ever rising cost of healthcare. However, not everyone can afford this therapy and only the wealthy would be able to afford this potentially splitting classes even more. I want to study more science behind this therapy to form a better opinion. I agree with both sides of the argument. I like the idea of ridding disease, however this therapy is too unpredictable still. Other mutations could always occur.BIO 1100 UNIT IV DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION (DUE DATE 02/16/19)Considering what you just learned by reading Chapter 12, is it wise to over-use (by patients or others who have the drug) or to over-prescribe antibiotics (doctors, physicians assistants, etc.)? Why or why not? What might be the health ramifications for antibiotic overuse? See pages 470-471 in your text for inspiration and think of this question in terms of natural selection.BIO 1100 UNIT IV ASSESMNET QUESTIONS DUE DATE 02/16/19)QUESTION 1What is biological evolution?the development of traits that organisms need in order to become more complexgene changes in populations over many generationsthe change that occurs in individuals as they try to survive in their environmentthe steps by which the first life was created on earth from random moleculesQUESTION 9There is a moth in England called the peppered moth. Before Britain s industrial revolution, these moths were usually salt and pepper colored. Because of their coloring, they blended in well with the tree trunks on which they tend to rest. The coloring helped them hide from the birds that ate them. During the British industrial revolution, industry expelled a lot of soot from the burning of coal into the environment. This soot darkened the tree trunks and it was noted that black colored moths were becoming predominant. The idea is that with soot in the environment, black colored moths fair better than light colored moths. There is some debate as to whether this is actually the case or not, but for the sake of this question, let s assume it is.In this context, review chapter 11.2 and the four observations. In your own words, explain how the concepts from the four observations discussed in 11.2 relate to the evolution of the peppered moth described above. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.BCJ 3301 UNIT III DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION (DUE DATE 02/9/19)I have to comment on my classmate discussion board question and this is what they wroteThe benefits of the adversarial system is that is uses the checks and balances within our legal system to not only protect the rights of the accused but also to ensure a proper and speedy trial. With each side (Prosecution and Defense) being allowed to put on their case, review evidence and witness testimony in front of the jury or judge, a proper and knowledgeable decision can be made regarding the outcome. Some of the drawbacks can be that depending on how well on side puts on their case, regardless of evidence, a guilty person may be cleared as well as a potentially innocent person convicted. While it is not flawless, it is the system we use today and has been supported through numerous successful court proceeding and appeals.BCJ 3301 UNIT IV DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION DUE DATE 02/16/19)Identify and describe one type of prosecutor. What is prosecutorial discretion? Do you think prosecutors should have unlimited discretion? Why, or why not?BCJ 3301 UNIT IVASSESMENT QUESTIONS (DUE DATE 02/16/19)QUESTION 7Trace and describe the history of criminal defense. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.BCJ 3301 UNIT IV POWER POINT PRESENTATION DUE DATE (02/16/19)InstructionsJudicial ResearchUnit IV discussed judges. To learn more about these individuals who are involved in the court system, select and research a judge who is currently serving on the courts in your state or local area. You are required to use at least four sources for this assignment (at least one should be from the CSU Online Library). Other sources could include newspapers, magazines, or professional journals.Your research could include:the background and education of the judge,how the judge was selected for the court in which he or she presides,the training of the judge,challenges the judge has faced in his or her career (this could involve a particular case that was a challenge),recent cases, oryour opinion whether this judge was adequately prepared for the position.Present your research in a PowerPoint Presentation of at least 10 slides (not including the title and references slides). All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA style.JUDGE WILL BE PAUL MARTIN NEWBY FROM NORTH CAROLINA

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