BIO210 Final SNHU The Skeletal System Presentation

The Skeletal SystemAnatomical location of the particular organ systemThe skeletal system in human body performs very crucial work which includes but not limited to offering body support, producing blood cells, facilitating movement and protecting internal organs among othersSkeletal system consist of several organs such as muscles, bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, joints as well as other tissues which connects and supports different tissues and organs.The skeletal system starts right from the bones of the legs to the cranium in the head. It is not an organ that is located at a particular point since it comprises the whole system of the skeleton.Key anatomical featuresThe key organs found within the skeletal system includes; the bones, spinal cord, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilages among others. Axial skeleton also contains the whole nervous system.Mostly, the skeletal system contains bones hence forms the shape of human body.The various organs located in the skeletal system are connected together by tissues, ligaments, joints and cartilagesThe connected organs form the whole skeletal system.Key physiological functionsThe skeletal system performs a variety of functions in human body.It supports the whole body through the bones.The skeletal system facilitates movement through the muscles and bones.It is very essential in protecting the inner organs which are very delicate.The cranium for instance protects the brains while the axial skeleton protects the whole nervous system.The bones found in the skeletal system contains bone marrow which produces blood cells.Skeletal system also stores minerals and fats and also aids in releasing them to other body tissues and organs.HistologyThe key tissues in the skeletal system are cartilages, ligaments and joints. These tissues are used to connect bones hence leading to formation of the whole skeletal system.The bones found in the skeletal system produces both the red and white cells which are later released into the body. Some interesting facts, findings, or health issues related to this systemSince the bones that produces both the red and white cell are located in the skeletal system, it performs very critical role in ensuring the body is able to fight diseases.The white blood cells for instance are known for their core function of fighting disease causing agents.One of the interesting facts about the skeletal system is that, it is located all over the human body from the toes to the cranium in the headFeedback from teacher:Great factoids about the Skeletal System, Summer. Protection is a major function of the bones of our thorax (what’s that?) and nervous system sand you did a good job on the other functions of bone. You need to research the histology of bone like the different cells. There are also two bone tissue in our body as well…organized and tough is compact bone, while spongy bone is structured like a sponge…lots of nooks and crannies. These 2 types are pretty much found in every one of our bones. Bone is also covered by a connective tissue covering called the periosteum…interesting because bone is connective tissue also. I hope you investigate the important purpose of the periosteum in bone repair. The skeletal system is also subdivided into axial and appendicular so be sure to explain that too.Joints are an indirect component of the Skeletal system because they are formed from 2 bones articulating…this is where the tendons and ligaments come in.. THere are 3 main types of joints in the body, but many subtypes…whew that is tiring! Here is a little diagram of the basics of jointsMore info:Skeletal systemis the body system that consists of cartilage and bones and carries out the following roles for the human body: enables movement, supports body, generates blood cells and protects inner organs. The skeletal system in human body performs very crucial work which includes but not limited to offering body support, producing blood cells, facilitating movement and protecting internal organs among others.The key organs found within the skeletal system includes; the bones, spinal cord, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilages among others.Axial skeleton also contains the whole nervous system.The skeletal system comprise numerous organs like the muscles, cartilages, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints along with other tissues that links and supports diverse organs and tissues.Nervous system is a complicated collection of nerves and specific cellsrecognized as neurons that transit signals between diverse parts of the human body. Essentially, it is the electrical wiring of the body.The nervous system comprises the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system.The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord.The peripheral nervous system comprises the Autonomic and Somatic nervous systems.In terms of functions, the nervous system holds two primary divisions namely the somatic and the autonomic. The role of the autonomic nervous system is to regulate specific body procedures like breathing rate and blood pressure.The somatic system comprises nerves that link the brain with muscles and sensory receptor within the skin.Homeostatic interrelationship between the skeletal system and the Nervous system: The skeletal system offers the body framework that permits people to move when the muscles contract and the bones, which is part of the skeletal system, provide calcium that is necessary for the appropriate functioning of the nervous system. The skeletal system works to protect internal organs and to generate blood cells whereas sensory receptors within the joints between bones relay signals regarding body position to the brain hence enabling proper functioning of the nervous system.The brain regulates the position of bones through the controlling of the muscles The skeletal system keeps and releases minerals into the body when needed and such minerals facilitate the proper functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, receptors, which are part of the nervous system, provide the brain with information regarding the body position and movement, which is the role of the skeletal movement. One disease that affects the skeletal system is Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a sickness that results in an augmented threat of fracture. In Osteoporosis, the bone mineral density is decreased, bone microarchitecture declines, and the volume and variety of proteins within bone is changed. The three major mechanism through which Osteoporosis develop include insufficient peak bone mass, insufficient creation of new bone in remodeling, and excessive bone resorption. It is a condition that is prevalent mostly among the elderly lading to loss of bone tissue. The disease develops in formerly formed bones. Risks and Management of OsteoporosisThe disease has no symptoms. Its major consequence is the augmented threat of bone fractures.The risks of Osteoporosis may be decreased through lifestyle changes and at times medication or treatment could involve both. Fall-prevention advice comprises exercise to tone deambulatory muscles. Exercise, through its anabolic could as well avert or reverse the condition. ReferencesMarieb, E. N., & Keller, S. M. (2018). Essentials of human anatomy & physiology. NY, NY: Pearson.Feedback:Terrific job on the skeletal/ nervous interaction, SUmmer. Be sure to also explain how the skeletal system protects the CNS.

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