Briefly explain what defamiliarization means in art.

Exam Format
The exam will include three sections. Below are the instructions for each section and one example of a correct answer from an old exam; please read these carefully.
Section 1: Short answer. Please answer each question briefly. 1 point each (There are 10 questions in this section)
Example 1: A _________ poem is a poem that explores the fantasy of withdrawing from modern life to go live in an idyllic natural setting. Pastoral
Example 2: Briefly explain what defamiliarization means in art. Defamiliarization is when, in poetry especially, the artist takes commonly known words and uses with other words (or in strange ways) to defamiliarize them. This makes us see these common words/ideas in a different light.
Section 2: Identify and explain the significance of the passage (You will have a choice of 8 passages from the works we have read so far; I will only choose passages we have discussed in class, forums, or in my lectures)
Choose 5 passages. Identify the title of the poem and the full name of the author, and explain the significance of the passage to the themes of the work it comes from and/or the context the work was written in. 4 points per answer; 1 for the title, 1 for the author, and 2 for the significance. If you don t get the author or title correct, you cannot receive points for the explanation. 20 points.
A. In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?
Author: William Blake
Title: The Tyger from Songs of Experience
Significance: This poem is significant because Blake wrote a companion poem to it called The Lamb, and also because of the symbolism here. In this poem, Blake guides the reader to dive deeper into the presence of evil in the world. In this poem, God is presented as a more powerful/dangerous versus the meek presentation in, The Lamb. There is also some imagery in this poem that brings in a hammer, chain, an anvil, and a furnace. All of these things are heavy and metal that adds to this heavy feeling from this poem.
Section 3: Short essay
In two to three paragraphs, please answer one of the following prompts thoroughly, using evidence from texts we have read in class. 10 points
Example: Romantic poets often wrote poetry with a religious theme. Please compare and contrast The Tyger and The Lamb, and explain how Blake describes religion differently in each poem. What do you think he is saying about God?
The Tyger and The Lamb both use imagery in describing the two. Blake does a great job at allowing the reader to visualize not just the animal, but the animals energy. The lamb is described as soft, bright, and innocent. While the tiger is described as fearless and fiery. Blake even references The Lamb in The Tyger when questioning whether the same thing that made the lamb was even capable of creating the tiger.
Religion in The Lamb appears to be referred to in a soft and graceful manner. Religion is displayed with soft words that further express that God has blessed the little lamb. In The Tyger, religion seems to be almost questioned. The tiger is described with harsh sounding words that almost make him appear evil. The speaker questioned if god made both creatures that are opposite. I think Blake is saying that God has created good and evil and that neither can really exist without the other.

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