BUS101 MSU M1 Pet Friendly Policy In Workplace & Fishbone Analysis

Module 1 – CaseCritical Thinking, Word Processing, and Fishbone AnalysisAssignment OverviewDonald
Rubendall has just been hired as the Assistant Manager at Company XYZ.
He worked for a traditional organization for 10 years as a Supervisor
and was offered a position at Company XYZ (a new start-up company) that
was seeking an Assistant Manager. The start-up company is far from being
traditional and has a culture of flexibility and openness. As an
example, there is no formal dress code at the start-up. After the first
month on the job, he quickly learns that the start-up is making great
progress and that additional employees will be hired. He is thrilled
about the news. If anything, it means more job security for him. He has
been tasked with hiring a Human Resource Generalist for his small
department. He finds the perfect candidate Ms. Gibson, but during the
interview, he finds out that she has a small Chihuahua that she would
like to bring to work each day. When questioned why during the
interview, Ms. Gibson mentioned the following, A study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management
found that stress declined over the course of a day in employees who
brought their dog to work, while it rose for dog owners who left their
pups at home and for non-dog owners. Donald was still skeptical and
wanted to do some more research on this challenging topic.After
doing some research, he realized that many large organizations such as
Google and Amazon have had pet-friendly policies. Furthermore, he was
able to find the following information online (Why You Should Bring Your Dog To Work retrieved from regarding the benefits of bringing pets to work: Reduces stress
— In a self-reported survey of 31 companies, employees reported lower
levels of stress with pets in the workplace. Cats slightly edged out
dogs in the stress-relief department but both canine and feline
contributed to a less stressful work environment. Of course, this
corroborates existing research that has shown the positive effect that
pets can have on cardiovascular health, autonomic stress responses, and
blood pressure.Forces breaks — Studies have
demonstrated the value of taking frequent, short breaks as a way of
increasing productivity, and pets make us do just that.Makes the environment friendlier
— The same instinct that leads you to spontaneously break out into
puppy-talk around your pooch may lead you to be more amicable to your
colleagues and your customers. In pet-friendly workplaces, employees
reported feeling friendlier to one another and finding that customers
had a more positive impression of the company. After
reading the research, Donald is both surprised and convinced that Ms.
Gibson would be a great hire and would like to hire her even if she has
to bring her Chihuahua to work each day. The only problem is that he
needs to discuss the situation with the CEO before he can officially
hire her.Some specific articles on this topic to get you started:Truett, R. (2013). Some stores see being pet-friendly as a plus. Automotive News, 88(6591) Retrieved from S. (2016). Pets in the workplace. Human Resource Management International Digest, 24(4), 17-19. Retrieved from
R. T., Knisely, J. S., Barker, S. B., Cobb, R. K., & Schubert, C.
M. (2012). Preliminary investigation of employee’s dog presence on
stress and organizational perceptions. International Journal of
Workplace Health Management, 5(1), 15-30. AssignmentOnce
you have finished reading about this topic and reviewing the background
materials, please write a 2-page paper (either in essay format or Q
& A format) addressing the following questions: How
should Donald Rubendall approach the situation? Is it worth hiring Ms.
Gibson and implementing a new controversial policy at the company?
Justify your response.What if 10% of the employees do not support a pet-friendly workplace? Would you still consider the policy? Justify why.What
should the policy be for a pet-friendly workplace? Where should the
administration draw the line (e.g., should snakes be allowed)? Create a
memo outlining the policy in detail so there is no confusion.As
a future Manager, what is the best way to gauge how your employees feel
about a pet-friendly policy (e.g., large meeting, anonymous survey, or
one-on-one meetings)? Justify your response.If the CEO opposes the new policy but is willing to hear some options , what would be some plausible compromises? Be sure to support your arguments with references to the background readings and your research. ( title page APA format) Save As >>> BUS 101 Mod 1 Case T

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