CMSC335 University of Maryland University College SeaPort Project

Project 1For this set of projects for the course, we wish to simulate some of the aspects of a number of Sea Ports. Here are the classes and their instance variables we wish to define: SeaPortProgram extends JFrameo variables used by the GUI interfaceo world: World Thing implement Comparable o index: into name: Stringo parent: int World extends Thingo ports: ArrayList o time: PortTime SeaPort extends Thingo docks: ArrayList o que: ArrayList // the list of ships waiting to docko ships: ArrayList // a list of all the ships at this porto persons: ArrayList // people with skills at this port Dock extends Thingo ship: Ship Ship extends Thingo arrivalTime, dockTime: PortTimeo draft, length, weight, width: doubleo jobs: ArrayList PassengerShip extends Shipo numberOfOccupiedRooms: into numberOfPassengers: into numberOfRooms: int CargoShip extends Shipo cargoValue: doubleo cargoVolume: doubleo cargoWeight: double Person extends Thingo skill: String Job extends Thing – optional till Projects 3 and 4o duration: doubleo requirements: ArrayList // should be some of the skills of the persons PortTimeo time: intEventually, in Projects 3 and 4, you will be asked to show the progress of the jobs using JProgressBar’s.1Here’s a very quick overview of all projects:Read a data file, create the internal data structure, create a GUI to display the structure, and let the user search the structure.Sort the structure, use hash maps to create the structure more efficiently.Create a thread for each job, cannot run until a ship has a dock, create a GUI to show theprogress of each job.Simulate competing for resources (persons with particular skills) for each job.Project 1 General ObjectivesProject 1 – classes, text data file, GUI, searching Define and implement appropriate classes, including:o instance and class variables,o constructors,o toString methods, ando other appropriate methods. Read data from a text file:o specified at run time, JFileChooserjfc=newJFileChooser(“.”); // start at dot, the current directoryo using that data to create instances of the classes,o creating a multi-tree (class instances related in hierarchical, has-some, relationships),ando organizing those instances in existing JDK structures which can be sorted, such asArrayList’s. Create a simple GUI:o presenting the data in the structures with with some buttons ando text fields supporting SEARCHING on the various fields of each class.Documentation Requirements:You should start working on a documentation file before you do anything else with these projects, and fill in items as you go along. Leaving the documentation until the project is finished is not a good idea for any number of reasons.The documentation should include the following (graded) elements: Cover page (including name, date, project, your class information) Designo including a UML class diagramo classes, variables and methods: what they mean and why they are thereo tied to the requirements of the project User’s Guideo how would a user start and run your projecto any special features2o effective screen shots are welcome, but don’t overdo this Test Plano do this BEFORE you code anythingo what do you EXPECT the project to doo justification for various data files, for example Lessons Learnedo express yourself hereo a way to keep good memories of successes after hard workProject 1 Specific Goals:Create a GUILet the user select a data file, using JFileChooserRead the data file, creating the specified internal data structure (see the Introduction for theclasses and variables of the structure).Display the internal data structure in a nice format in the GUI1. use JScrollPane and JTextArea5. Display the results of a Search specified by the userJTextField to specify the search targetSearching targets: name, index, skill would be a minimumyou are encouraged to provide other optionsNote that a search may return more than one itemDO NOT create new data structures (beyond the specified internal data structure) tosearchyou may create a structure of found items as a return valueData file format: Each item in the simulation will appear on a single line of the data file. The data file may have comment lines, which will start with a //. There may be blank lines in the data file, which your program should accept and ignore. The data lines will start with one of the following flag values, indicating which item is beingspecified, its name, its index, and the index of its parent – which is used to specify the connections used to create the internal data structure (ie, assign an item to it parent or parent ArrayList). For most items there will be additional fields appropriate to the class of that item. The fields on a line are space delimited (perhaps more than one space)o This works well with Scanner methods, such as next(), nextInt() and nextDouble(). Here are the details of valid lines, with an example of each line.// port name index parent(null) // port port Kandahar 10002 03// dock name index parent(port) // dock dock Pier_5 20005 10001 30005// ship name index parent(dock/port) weight length width draft// ship ship Reason 40003 10000 165.91 447.15 85.83 27.07// cship name index parent(dock/port) weight length width draft cargoWeight cargoVolume cargoValue // cship cship Suites 40003 10000 165.91 447.15 85.83 27.07 125.09 176.80 857.43// pship name index parent(dock/port) weight length width draft numPassengers numRooms numOccupied// pship pship “ZZZ_Hysterics” 30002 20002 103.71 327.92 56.43 30.23 3212 917 917// person name index parent skill// person person Alberto 50013 10001 cleaner// job // jobjobname index parent duration [skill]* (zero or more, matches skill in person, may repeat) []* (ie, zero or more)Job_10_94_27 60020 30007 77.78 carpenter cleaner clerkYou may assume that the data file is correctly formatted and that the parent links exist and are encountered in the data file as item indices before they are referenced as parent links.There is a Java program ( provided with this package that will generate data files with various characteristics with the correct format. You should be using the program to generate your own data files to test various aspects of your project programs.Sample input file:// // // // //File: aSPaa.txtData file for SeaPort projects Date: Sat Jul 09 22:51:16 EDT 2016 parameters: 1 1 5 5 1 5ports, docks, pships, cships, jobs, persons////port Lanshan 10000 0port name index parent(null) port // dock name index parent(port) // dock dock Pier_4 20004 10000 300044dock Pier_0 20000 10000 30000 dock Pier_1 20001 10000 30001 dock Pier_3 20003 10000 30003 dock Pier_2 20002 10000 30002// pship name index parent(dock/port) weight length width draft numPassengers numRooms numOccupied// pship pship pship pship pship pshipGallinules 30000 20000 125.99 234.70 60.67 37.14 746 246 246 Remora 30001 20001 126.38 358.27 74.12 31.54 3768 979 979Absentmindedness 30004 20004 86.74 450.43 33.13 41.67 2143 920 920 Preanesthetic 30003 20003 149.85 483.92 125.71 31.21 166 409 83Shoetrees 30002 20002 134.41 156.96 120.31 35.20 1673 633 633// cship// cship cship cship cship cship cshipErosional 40001 10000 200.80 242.33 38.31 23.49 172.73 188.54 235.57 Kielbasas 40000 10000 120.85 362.55 96.82 19.09 33.08 188.31 261.57 Generics 40002 10000 79.90 234.26 73.18 15.71 125.27 179.00 729.95Barcelona 40003 10000 219.92 443.54 104.44 34.16 86.69 139.89 813.72 Toluene 40004 10000 189.12 448.99 73.97 37.67 88.90 175.03 1002.63name index parent(dock/port) weight length width draft cargoWeight cargoVolume cargoValue// person name index parent skill// person person person person person personSara 50000 10000 electrician Duane 50002 10000 inspector Betsy 50004 10000 cleanerArchie 50003 10000 captain Thomas 50001 10000 clerkSample output as plain text – which should be displayed in a JTextArea on a JScrollPane in the BorderLayout.CENTER area of a JFrame:>>>>> The world:SeaPort: Lanshan 10000Dock: Pier_4 20004Ship: Passenger ship: Absentmindedness 30004Dock: Pier_0 20000Ship: Passenger ship: Gallinules 30000Dock: Pier_1 20001Ship: Passenger ship: Remora 30001Dock: Pier_3 200035Ship: Passenger ship: Preanesthetic 30003Dock: Pier_2 20002Ship: Passenger ship: Shoetrees 30002— List of all ships in que:> Cargo Ship: Erosional 40001 > Cargo Ship: Kielbasas 40000 > Cargo Ship: Generics 40002 > Cargo Ship: Barcelona 40003 > Cargo Ship: Toluene 40004— List of all ships:> Passenger ship: Gallinules 30000> Passenger ship: Remora 30001> Passenger ship: Absentmindedness 30004 > Passenger ship: Preanesthetic 30003> Passenger ship: Shoetrees 30002> Cargo Ship: Erosional 40001> Cargo Ship: Kielbasas 40000> Cargo Ship: Generics 40002> Cargo Ship: Barcelona 40003> Cargo Ship: Toluene 40004— List of all persons:> Person: Sara 50000 electrician > Person: Duane 50002 inspector > Person: Betsy 50004 cleaner> Person: Archie 50003 captain> Person: Thomas 50001 clerkSuggestions:Methods that should be implemented.Each class should have an appropriate toString method. Here is an example of two such methods: In SeaPort – showing all the data structures: public String toString () {String st = “\n\nSeaPort: ” + super.toString(); for (Dock md: docks) st += “\n” + md;st += “\n\n — List of all ships in que:”; for(Shipms:que)st+=”\n >”+ms;st += “\n\n — List of all ships:”;for (Ship ms: ships) st += “\n > ” + ms;st += “\n\n — List of all persons:”;for (Person mp: persons) st += “\n > ” + mp;6return st;} // end method toString In PassengerShip, using parent toString effectively: public String toString () {String st = “Passenger ship: ” + super.toString(); if (jobs.size() == 0)return st;for (Job mj: jobs) st += “\n – ” + mj; return st;} // end method toStringEach class should have an appropriate Scanner constructor, allowing the class to take advantage of super constructors, and any particular constructor focusing only on the addition elements of interest to that particular class. As an example, here’s one way to implement the PassengerShip constructor: PassengerShip Scanner constructor, the earlier fields are handled by Thing (fields: name, index, parent) and Ship (fields: weight, length, width, draft) constructors.public PassengerShip (Scanner sc) {super (sc);if (sc.hasNextInt()) numberOfPassengers = sc.nextInt();if (sc.hasNextInt()) numberOfRooms = sc.nextInt();if (sc.hasNextInt()) numberOfOccupiedRooms = sc.nextInt();} // end end Scanner constructorIn the World class, we want to read the text file line by line. Here are some useful methods types andcode fragments that you should find helpful: Handling a line from the file:void process (String st) {// System.out.println (“Processing >” + st + “<");Scanner sc = new Scanner (st); if (!sc.hasNext())return;switch ( {case "port" : addPort (sc); break; Finding a ship by index - finding the parent of a job, for example: Ship getShipByIndex (int x) {for (SeaPort msp: ports) for (Ship ms: msp.ships)if (ms.index == x) return ms;return null;} // end getDockByIndex Linking a ship to its parent: void assignShip (Ship ms) {Dock md = getDockByIndex (ms.parent); if (md == null) {7getSeaPortByIndex (ms.parent).ships.add (ms); getSeaPortByIndex (ms.parent).que.add (ms); return;}md.ship = ms;getSeaPortByIndex (md.parent).ships.add (ms);} // end method assignShipYou will probably find the comments in the following helpful, they are mostly about similar projects and general issues in Java relevant to our programs: CMSC 335 Information Cave Strategy - getting startedDeliverables:Java source code filesData files used to test your programConfiguration files usedA well-written document including the following sections:Design: including a UML class diagram showing the type of the class relationshipsUser's Guide: description of how to set up and run your applicationTest Plan: sample input and expected results, and including test data and results, withscreen snapshots of some of your test casesOptionally, Comments: design strengths and limitations, and suggestions for futureimprovement and alternative approachesLessons LearnedUse one of the following formats: MS Word docx or PDF.Your project is due by midnight, EST, on the day of the date posted in the class schedule. We do not recommend staying up all night working on your project - it is so very easy to really mess up a project at the last minute by working when one was overly tired.Your instructor's policy on late projects applies to this project.Submitted projects that show evidence of plagiarism will be handled in accordance with UMUC Policy 150.25 Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism.Format:The documentation describing and reflecting on your design and approach should be written using Microsoft Word or PDF, and should be of reasonable length. The font size should be 12 point. The page margins should be one inch. The paragraphs should be double spaced. All figures, tables, equations, and references should be properly labeled and formatted using APA style.8Coding Hints: Code format: (See Google Java Style guide for specifics ( o o o o o o oo Your program should have no warningso Use the following compiler flag to show all warnings:javac -Xlint *.javao More about setting up IDE's to show warningso Generics - your code should use generic declarations appropriately, and to eliminate allwarnings Elegance:o just the right amount of codeo effective use of existing classes in the JDKo effective use of the class hierarchy, including features related to polymorphism. GUI notes:o GUI should resize nicelyo DO NOT use the GUI editor/generators in an IDE (integrated development environment, such as Netbeans and Eclipse)o Do use JPanel, JFrame, JTextArea, JTextField, JButton, JLabel, JScrollPane panels on panels gives even more control of the display during resizing JTable and/or JTree for Projects 2, 3 and 4 Font using the following gives a nicer display for this program, setting for theJTextArea jta:jta.setFont (new java.awt.Font ("Monospaced", 0, 12));o GridLayout and BorderLayout - FlowLayout rarely resizes nicely GridBagLayoutforextremecontroloverthedisplays youmaywishtoexploreotherlayoutmanagerso ActionListener, ActionEvent - responding to JButton events Starting with JDK 8, lambda expression make defining listeners MUCH simpler.See the example below, with jbr (read), jbd (display) and jbs (search) three different is a JComboBox and jtf is a JTextField. jbr.addActionListener (e -> readFile());
jbd.addActionListener (e -> displayCave ());
jbs.addActionListener (e -> search
((String)(jcb.getSelectedItem()), jtf.getText()));header comment block, including the following information in each source code file: file namedateauthorpurposeappropriate comments within the code appropriate variable and function names correct indentationcode submitted should have no compilation or run-time errors Warnings: Errors:o9o JFileChooser – select data file at run timeo JSplitPane – optional, but gives user even more control over display panels

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