College of Central Florida Week 11 John O’Donohue Quote Discussion

Miami Dade College Appeal for The Failed Nursing Test Discussion
Miami Dade College Appeal for The Failed Nursing Test Discussion I would like to submit an appeal letter for a non passing grade in my current nursing class. Please address in the current circumstances due to current covid pandemic thats includes financial hardship but yet still working hard to pass my course. A letter requesting to appeal my current grade. I didn t pass by one question. Please include my two vital reasons why I didn t due well my son and I tested positive for covid-19 and prevent me from working for over a month. When I went back to work, I have to work more hours due to being behind on rent and utilities bills which cause me to study late hours with less hours of sleep. I worked hard to make ends me and I passed my proctored pharamacology proctored exam but I failed the exit exam by one question. Things I am willing to do moving forward and is complete the vati programs ensure to give me the green light to pass the nclex. Please include the contributing factor that lends to my failure: COVID pandemic, lack of clinical rotations hand on hand experience, and financial hardship due to the pandemic. The stress that has cause all this and affect my grade.Please include personal responsibility for my action: trying to make ends meet cause me not to study as many hours as I would have hoped for.Please include my outline for success: finishing the vati program and just having to focus on the program will allow me to successfully pass the N-clex first time around.Using all the resources available. Please include I recently decrease my work hours during the past 3 weeks to prepare for the exit exam again causing me to me behind on rent and utilities bills. I meant regularly with my professor to closely monitor my grades and see what I had to do to improve my grades each week.Thus far, I didn t fail a course in the nursing program until about now.
Learning Activity
Learning Activity Learning Activity 1 Instructions Topic: Virginia s Health RankingsGo to the America s Health Rankings website and go to the EXPLORE link and select Virginia where it says, Find your state (North Carolina) View the full state report for Virginia. Examine the state s health value and rank for each health Determinant and Outcome, as well as the combined rankings for these and for diabetes, obesity, and smoking. You can compare these for the 19 years that the rankings have been published as well as contrast them with other states and the nation as a whole.Note that Virginia s overall health ranking has remained around 20. In general, this means that 30 states are worse and 19 states better in overall health ranking. Note also that unlike many states who have improved (or worsened) their health status, Virginia has maintained its rank close to 20 for the past decade or more. There seems to be no breaking over the 19/20 barrier into healthier terrain. Why do you think that is? Select 5 Determinants that if improved, would likely lead to Virginia receiving a better health ranking in the future. Justify your answers in 200 250 words.HLTH 509 Learning Activity 1 Standardized Grading RubricCriteriaLevels of AchievementContentAdvancedProficientDevelopingNot presentQuestion prompts: Completeness8 points8 pointsCorrect responses to all questions and prompts according to directions and examples provided.7 pointsStudent answers most question prompts correctly.1 to 6 pointsSome questions are answered incorrectly or some elements are missing.0 pointsSubmission contains both incorrect answers to question prompts and there are required elements that a missing completely.Question prompts: Critical Thinking6 points6 pointsExpands responses into substantive, thoughtful, and/or critical responses, fully addressing all questions or prompts.5 pointsThere is evidence of critical assessment of the content on most areas of the assignment.1 to 4 pointsThere is some evidence of critical assessment but needs in improvement in major areas.0 pointsThere is a lack of substantive, thoughtful and/or critical response in regard to the content of .Support of major points4 points4 pointsMajor points are supported by all of the following:Current week s readingPertinent, conceptual or personal examplesThoughtful analysis3 pointsSupport is missing from one of the following:Current week s readingPertinent, conceptual or personal examplesThoughtful analysis1 to 2 pointsSupport is missing from 2 of the following:Current week s readingPertinent, conceptual or personal examplesThoughtful analysis0 pointsSupport is missing from more than 2 of the following:Current week s readingPertinent, conceptual or personal examplesThoughtful analysisStructureAdvancedProficientDevelopingNot presentThread: Student Expectations and Word Count4 points4 pointsCommunication follows Student Expectations, including AMA formatting, and word count is between 200 to 250 words.3 pointsCommunication follows all student expectations, including AMA formatting, but word count is less than 200 words.1 to 2 pointsCommunication follows some student expectations, including AMA formatting, but not all and the word count is less than 200 words.0 pointsCommunication does not follow student expectations in the majority of , including AMA formatting, and word count is less than 150 words.Mechanics3 points3 pointsProper spelling AND grammar are used.2 pointsMinor spelling OR grammar errors are present.1 pointMultiple spelling OR grammar errors are present.0 pointsThere are multiple spelling AND grammar errors throughout post.

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