Conflict Management Case Study

Read case study 10-1 in Chapter 10 of the Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators text, pp 270-271.
CASE STUDY 10-1 Conflict Management
Nurse Pinar completed her bachelors program in nursing and has started working in a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit in a clinic with 50 beds. Most patients who are diagnosed with paraplegia, quadriplegia, and hemiplegia have relatives who stay with them. The length of stay varies depending on the diagnosis; it can be as long as 8 to 10 months.
There are seven nurses and a unit charge nurse at the clinic. The unit charge nurse and four nurses provide care to 50 patients during the day shift, from 08:0016:00, and one nurse provides care during 24-hour shifts on holidays. The clinic has a shortage of nurses. Services are provided in compliance with the healthcare quality standards that were developed by the Ministry of Health, with a focus on patient and employee safety. However, there are issues in fulfilling the quality standards, which causes the employees to be unsettled.
Pinar, as a new nurse graduate, adapts quickly to the clinic, which pleases the unit charge nurse and the other nurses. At the end of her first month, Pinar worked the 16:0008:00 shift by herself. She took over the shift from the day nurses and performed routine nursing care. While she was checking on the patients at 20:00, Pinar was approached by the wife of a patient who has quadriplegia and is staying in room 20. The wife said her husband suddenly began to breathe with difficulty. Pinar immediately went to the patients room and found that he has difficulty breathing and is in poor condition. Pinar immediately went to the nurses desk to report the situation to the duty physician. She could not reach the physician and had to make several phone calls.
In the meantime, the son of a patient who has hemiplegia and is staying in a private room came to the nurses desk and told Pinar that his fathers blood pressure was not measured at 20:00. The son added that his father doesnt look good, and he asked Pinar to come and take his fathers blood pressure. Pinar told the son that another patients condition has worsened, and she will measure his fathers blood pressure when she is free. The intervention with the patient in room 20 takes longer than expected. He needs to be admitted to an intensive care unit and must be transferred to a facility that can accommodate his needs. Pinar informed the night supervisor about the transfer.
Finally, an hour later, Pinar attended to the patient in the private room. When she entered the room, the patients son accused Pinar of not fulfilling her duty and angrily tells her that his father is not receiving proper nursing care at the hospital and that they have been waiting for a blood pressure measurement for an hour. He also said that since his father is in a private room, he is entitled to special care. The son said he will file a complaint with the authorities about the situation. Pinar tried to explain what happened, but the son is not convinced, and the atmosphere remained tense. At the shift change in the morning, Pinar told the unit charge nurse what happened. The unit charge nurse told Pinar that similar incidents happen from time to time and that she should get used to them and not be upset.
The next day, the chief doctor angrily told the nurse manager that he had received a call from the Ministry of Health because a patient had not received proper care at night. He asked the nurse manager to investigate the situation. The nurse manager called the unit charge nurse and said there is a complaint about Pinar and she will be investigated, and that her own reputation as the nurse manager is at stake. The nurse manager accused the unit charge nurse of assigning Pinar to a shift alone before she was ready for the responsibility. Although the unit charge nurse tried to explain the situation, the nurse manager wouldnt listen, and she hung up. The unit charge nurse called Pinar and told her to come to the hospital right away. Pinar arrived at the hospital and told the nurse manager what happened. However, she received a written admonishment because of the complaint that had been filed with the Ministry of Health, and she was being held responsible.
After the incident, Pinar started to work in another clinic at the hospital, and 15 days later the unit charge nurse was assigned to the outpatient clinic as nurse. Six months later, Pinar resigned and started to work as a nurse in a private hospital.
Answer the questions below with at least 150-200, but no more than 400 words and support your answer with at least 2 outside references in APA format.
1. Which style of conflict resolution based on the article by Sportsman and Hamilton (2007) would you consider when attempting to resolve conflicts in the workplace as a nurse leader? Support your answer.
2. What strategy(ies) you would use to help address the conflict? Why?
3. What leadership traits and skills would you use to help resolve this conflict? Why?

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