Database Analysis and Design

VU SydneyVictoria UniversityCollege of Engineering and ScienceNIT5130: Database Analysis and DesignAssignmentSemester 3, 2021Due Date: Week 10Scenario for assignmentScenario for assignmentIn this assignment, students are required to develop an inventory control system. Consider thisscenario. Sydney Book Store (SBS) required a Database Management System to enable the bookstore to manage their day-to-day operations. Each salesperson in the store has staff identificationnumber, name, and contact details. The SBS records each book as book isbn, book title, author andbook price.The proposed SBS Database System should also maintain consumer s information by registeringtheir name, address, email, and phone number. The store also records invoice number and issuedate before sending an invoice to a consumer. Items of each invoice which describe the booksbought by the consumer should be recorded. Additionally, the system should record the quantity ofeach book. This whole process can be achieved by creating a database using WebMatrix andWordPress and making use of supporting features like forms, queries, and reports. Note: DatabaseSystem must be able to perform the following functions: Store Book Delete Book Update Book Manage Shopping CartTask 1: Database Modelling (Total marks: 50%)
Develop an Entity-Relationship (ER) model to characterize the information requirements ofbusiness illustrates in the case study mentioned above. The diagram of your ER model
-Marks: 25%
VU SydneyA. Demonstrate all necessary entitiesB. Demonstrate all attributesC. The relationships between entitiesD. Demonstrate unique identifiers and nature of interaction among entities
Discovered business rules for your ERD
-Marks: 5%
Map the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) into a set of relations in at least Third NormalForm (3NF). You should show that each relation satisfies the rules for 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF.
-Marks: 20%
For example STUDENT (StudentID, FirstName, SecondName, Phone). This relation is in 1NF as itdoes not contain any repeating groups and show primarykey.Data dictionary:Your report must also include a data dictionary. You should briefly describe all entities andattributes, descriptions are clear, reasonable field formats, etc. For example,
Student No.
A unique identifierof Students
Index Yes(No Duplicate)
Given Name
First name ofstudents
Example, Reuben
Family Name
Family name ofstudents
Example, Steel
Phone No.
Phone no. ofstudents
Not Null
Street No.
Street no. ofstudents
Not Null
City where studentslive
Example, Melbourne
State where studentbelong
Example, Victoria
Post code
Postcode of students
Not Null
Job Type
Job type of students
Example, Part Time
Positions ofStudents
Example, Mentoring
Schedule of work
Date & Time
Facility Type
Type of facility
Example, pool-table
VU SydneyTask 2: Database Implementation (Total Marks: 40%)A. Implement your data dictionary to create a relational database in PhPMyAdmin.-Marks: 10%B. Populate the database with sample data. Adequate sample data must be included to showthat the queries, view(s), and report(s) work properly -Marks: 10%C. Build the following forms and reports, requiring a separate query to assure every of thefollowing information needs: -Marks: 20%1. Book information entry form2. A form to allow the store manager to add new book and delete the book3. A form to allow the store manager to change book details and update the book4. A report for the manager to see store inventoryGrades Description
Confirmed a clear understanding of the concepts and issues applicable to the tasks,and their wider implications, in a substantiated view that was organised andcohesive. Demonstrated a very high level of scholarship. Used fluent and persuasivelanguage with assurance and precision, to achieve a highly effective communicationwith the reader.
Demonstrated understanding of the complexities of the concepts and issues relevantto the tasks. Achieved effective selection and ordering of ideas. Demonstrated ahigh level of scholarship. Presented a view on the proposition with confidence, usingfluent and persuasive language
Recognized major aspects of the tasks. Demonstrated an adequate level ofscholarship. Achieved a coherent ordering of ideas and expressed a view in clearand accurate language
Recognized some aspects of the tasks. Demonstrated some evidence ofscholarship. Presented some ideas relevant to the proposition. Demonstratedadequate organisation and language control
VU SydneySubmission details: LATE SUBMISSIONS will NOT be accepted. Total marks 100, worth 15% assessment for the subject. Submission due date: Week 10Information of your Group Members Identify the members of your team with full names and student numbers. Groups are toconsist of three to four members only. Regulate your own group efforts. Any problems that arise, such as group members notcontributing a fair amount of the work, must be resolved within the group. Lecturer and tutorswill not intervene so select your group members carefully.Submission Procedures and Required FormatYour team s assignment report is to be written in English, on A4 pages. The report should be writtenin clear, plain language, so that non-experts can easily understand it. Your report should beaddressed to the Managing Director of your proposed organisation, and should briefly re-state thetasks you were required to perform and detail the material produced. Include brief instructions onhow to view your system structures, design and implemented. Please note that the ManagingDirector is familiar with computers, but has a very limited understanding of technologies likeWordPress and WebMatrix. Attach all relevant designs, source codes, and support materials in anappendix. Assignment (program and report) should be submitted via VU Collaborate.All sources quoted in your report should be detailed in a Reference Section.The report must be your own group s work, i.e., it must be the result of your own reading, thoughtand discussion, and the expression of the ideas must be yours.The submitted work will therefore comprise:a) Your group s reportb) Relevant designs and support materialc) Sources detailed in a reference sectiond) Declaration form (See Appendix A)VU SydneyReport writing -Marks: 10% Assignment cover page (must include, group names, student ID s, subject name, yourwebsite name, lecturer name) Introduction of your database system Summary of database included functions Database screen shots and their descriptions References (if any) AppendixVU SydneyAppendix ADeclaration FormSubject Name:Subject Code:Campus:Lecturer:Student Id ______________ Name _________________________________Student Id ______________ Name__________________________________Student Id ______________ Name _________________________________Student Id ______________ Name _________________________________Student s DeclarationI hereby certify that I am an author of the submitted work bearing my name and studentidentification number.Signature ___________________ Date __________Signature ___________________ Date __________Signature ___________________ Date __________Signature ___________________ Date __________

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