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After reading chapters six and seven, please pick one of the following options. Keep in mind our format for discussion essays and responses. I am sure you will find an option interesting and enjoy making connections with one another between these topics. Please remember, I am looking for your main post to be a minimum of 400 words.Option A: How did Napoleon s codification of law in the Code Napoleon, which became the basis for the civil and criminal law of the continent, reflect the ideals of the Revolution, and how did it reflect a more conservative and authoritarian political system?Option B: Romanticism was a social and literary movement that inspired both those seeking a more religious, aristocratic social and political system and those seeking a more naturalistic and democratic social and political system. To what extent were the ideas of the Romantics compatible with the movements of liberalism, conservatism, and nationalism?Option C: How did the invention of the steam engine and textile machines change the systemof production in England to create the Industrial Revolution? Why did these changes first occur in England, and why was industrialization slower to take hold on the continent?Option D: What is nationalism? In what sense might the rise of anti-Semitism and other anti-minority philosophies be related to nationalism? What alternatives to nationalism were provided by philosophies like socialism and anarchism?You also respond to one other student during the same time period .The response should be a minimum of 150 words. I do not want you to simple agree or disagree, but rather comment on why you agree or disagree, raise more points, indicate commonalities or differences, discuss the issue in relation to our readings, and/or raise new questions about which we can all think.Option D: What is nationalism? In what sense might the rise of anti-Semitism and other anti-minority philosophies be related to nationalism? What alternatives to nationalism were provided by philosophies like socialism and anarchism?A simple way to put nationalism in a few words is loyalty and deep devotion to one s nation. The expression “nationalism” is commonly used to depict two marvels, which are, the disposition that the individuals from a country have when they care about their national character, and the activities that the individuals from a country take when trying to accomplish, or support, self-assurance. As well as bringing up issues about the idea of a country, or national character, which is frequently characterized as far as basic root, ethnicity, or social ties, and explicitly about whether a person’s enrollment in a country is to be viewed as non-deliberate or willful. Also, brings up issues presenting about whether self-assurance must be comprehended as including having full statehood with a complete specialist over local and universal undertakings, or in the case of something less is required. The National Awakening, Furthermore, battles for political freedom are frequently both courageous and savage; the arrangement of a conspicuously national state regularly reacts to profound prominent supposition yet at times yields cruel outcomes, from brutal removal and “purifying” of non-nationals to composed mass homicide. The ethical discussion on patriotism mirrors a profound good pressure between solidarity with persecuted national gatherings from one perspective and aversion even with wrongdoings executed for the sake of nationalism on the other. In addition, the issue of nationalism focuses to a more extensive space of issues identified with the treatment of ethnic and social contrasts inside majority rule country, apparently among the most squeezing issues of the contemporary political hypothesis. In the meantime, the social orders of Europe experienced quick monetary change and social separation. The liberation of the Jews enabled them to live and work among non-Jews, yet presented them to another type of political discrimination against Jews. It was mainstream, social, and impacted by financial contemplations, however, it regularly strengthened and was fortified by conventional religious generalizations. The European countries built up in constitutions the rule of balance under the law. They dropped all limitations on habitation or word related exercises for Jews and other national and religious minorities. Nationalism was, in fact, conquering much more countries than socialism and anarchism. Like nationalism, socialism and anarchism were individual philosophies, and they all opposed each other.

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