Discussions Questions

You can keep the answers to one page with references. Please seperate the anwsers by the numbers listed5.1
“Relational Set Operators” Please respond to the
relational Database Model allows database users to analyze data thoroughly. To
accomplish this, advanced commands such as UNION and INTERSECT may be used.
Describe a business scenario where a UNION relational set operator may be
used to merge two similar data sets. Within the context of your business
scenario, analyze the analysis and data consistency advantages of using a UNION
operator rather than simply merging two data sets into one result table.
you are tasked with finding common data elements amongst various data sets.
Specify how an INTERSECT operator may assist you in accomplishing this task.
Construct a query that can perform the same function as the INTERSECT operator
without using the INTERSECT syntax within the query. Note: The Strayer Oracle
Server may be used to test and compile the SQL Queries developed.
“Advanced SQL and PL / SQL” Please respond to the
and interpreting data can be very valuable to an organization. Describe the
importance of using sub queries in a database system. Provide at least two
business case scenarios to support your response.
good IT professional is able to be versatile in SQL programming styles.
Identify at least two possible advantages of utilizing PL / SQL instead of
standard SQL Syntax. Explain whether either syntax provides enhanced code
processing capabilities with examples. Note: The Strayer Oracle Server may be
used to test and compile the SQL Queries developed.
“Planning the DBLC” Please respond to the following:
development of a database requires thorough methodology that ensures quality
within the solution. Imagine you have been contracted to develop a finance
database that will help an organization track monthly expenditures by
departments. Using the DBLC, discuss the various activities that you would have
to achieve each phase. Assess possible challenges that may exist within each
phase. Suggest actions that one can perform in order to overcome these possible
order to mitigate risks associated with a database, it is essential to consider
common sources of database failures. Describe at least two possible database failures
that may occur once a database is placed into operation. Suggest actions that
may be performed in order to avoid or mitigate these possible failures.
“Logical and Physical Design” Please respond to the
order to ensure optimal database performance, the logical and physical design
should consider the user requirements thoroughly. Suppose you have been hired
to transform a conceptual model into a logical model for a sales database.
Describe the specific steps that you must perform in order to appropriately
construct the database model. For each step mentioned, speculate the risks that
would take place and how you would avoid or mitigate those risks.

at least three activities that are required in the physical design process of a
database to ensure adequate physical storage and data access. Analyze why user,
security groups, and role definitions are essential to maintain the integrity
of the database.
“Concurrency Control” Please respond to the
are times when a database is accessed by many users across the enterprise.
Transaction logs can help maintain concurrency in a multiuser platform.
Describe at least two business scenarios where COMMIT and ROLLBACK would be
required. Describe how these functions would be essential for business
continuity and concurrency control. Identify how these functions would enable
an organization to recover from a database corruption event.
how locks could be used in order to qualify data transactions and enhance
concurrency control. Suggest at least two business scenarios that would benefit
from implementing locking methods.
“Optimization for Transactional Processing” Please respond to the
can grow in data structure and data capacity throughout time. At certain times,
it is necessary to perform optimization techniques in order to ensure optimal
performance of the database. Evaluate at least two methods that can be used to
optimize database components such as queries, reports SQL transaction
processing, and data consumption. Provide a real-world example that explains
how these methods would help an organization process a large number of online
transactions within a short time span.
at least two SQL optimization techniques that can be used to enhance the data
access turnaround time and transaction processing time. Provide examples to
support your response.
the database statistics that could be used in order to measure database
performance. Provide a real-world example that demonstrates how this
information would enable businesses to accurately scale its data processing
“Centralized versus Decentralized Database Management
Systems” Please respond to the following:
and contrast benefits and challenges that exist between centralized database
management systems and distributed database management systems. Identify
potential business environments where each can be properly used.
at least two considerations that would be required to ensure effective
transaction transparency of centralized database management systems and
distributed database management systems. Justify your response.
“Business Intelligence Tools” Please respond to the
intelligence tools are considered the key drivers for many organizations.
Identify and evaluate at least two business intelligence tools that could be
effectively used to report business performance. Justify your response.
the costs and describe the values of the two business intelligence tools you
have identified from Part 1 of this discussion based on their functionality,
integrating architecture, and benefits to the enterprise. Provide your

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