Final Critical and Analytical Paper Writing: Reading and Inquiry-Based Assessment

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These are the paper s instructions:
(I) Development Activity: Individual Assignments Writing: The Final Exam Paper is the Course Finished Product or Artifact. It is cumulative in nature and as such, it explores most of the key conceptual issues we have dealt with throughout the semester. Please read the Writing Prompts carefully and weave all the points they carry into one cohesive and coherent double-spaced five-page final paper, accompanied with one separate page of Works Cited or bibliography, showing all the texts adopted for this course. You may also include personal research documents you consulted in the course of the semester. The Final Exam Paper is due on Canvas Assignments Board on Thursday, December 9, 2021. It carries a weight of 20% of all the course total aggregate grades. There will be no exceptions.

This is our final paper writing: Text Research/Inquiry-Based Assignment, our Course Artifact or Course Finished Product. You will submit this critique on Canvas Assignments Board for grading on the day of the Final Exam. I will check the accuracy of your critique format and its critical thinking content prior to submitting to the Undergraduate Education Administration as required. A careful and detailed reading of the writing prompts is necessary for a fully integrated critical approach to the prompts requirements.
This final paper is the last stage of the communication segment of our course objectives. The prompts require you to explore the texts we have studied. They are as follows:
***Re-visioning a Poetics of Landscape: Resistance and Continuum in the Poetry of Kamau Brathwaite and Derek Walcott by the critic James McCorkle, in Eco-Imagination African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability edited by Irene A. dAlmeida et al, (pp.203-2015);
***The Double Bind: Women and the Environment in Chambac and A Saint is Born in Chima (Manuel Zapata Olivella) by the critic Uchenna P. Vasser, in Eco-Imagination African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability edited by Irene A. dAlmeida et al, (219-233);
***Androcentrism and Athropocentrism, Parallels and Politics by Val Plumwood in Ecofeminism: Women, Culture, Nature edited by Karen J. Warren,(pp. 227-233); and
*** Landscapes, Narratives, and Tropical Nature: Creole Modernity in Suriname by IP Rheinberger in Caribbean Literature and the Environment: between Nature and Culture, edited by Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey et al, (pp. 225-35).
We read the texts, did Class Learning through graded synopsis writing, and I explained their critical contexts with correction feedback comments. Please take time and read them again in detail, and do the literary, critical and analytical work recommended below, including regular analysis of the texts supported by deep flaying of literary devices and poetic outlets that the writers use to convey their ecocritical and ecofeminist messages to the public, which skillfully, James McCorkle and Uchenna Vasser captured in their own critical textual analyses.
(A)- Writing Guide:
Produce your Critical Thinking and Analytical Writing by following the Writing Guides and the Writing prompts. Please this literature work needs concentration and reflection:
1- Introduction with the texts under analysis well situated; Thesis well enunciated in the middle or at the end of the introduction and clearly relating to the topic(s) of the text analysis; A brief hint at how you will develop the Thesis into the following relevant paragraphs in the development.
2- Develop Thesis within the critical context of the texts under analysis. Do not go out of the texts. Quote passages from the texts appropriately in support of your critical argument, and move smoothly from one paragraph to the next with transition expressions, phrases, or punctuations.
3- Conclusion highlights critical understanding of the texts as subaltern communication and minority discourses, and how they answer our course objective(s).
(B)- Writing Prompts / Writing Cues
The prompts or cues are just one fully integrated intellectual entity. You should approach all the points in these prompts in your critical and analytical text writing. Make sure you elaborate half a page to 3/4 page of a strong introduction text with THESIS to begin your work, followed by one synoptic paragraph text:
1 In 1 and 1/2 pages, show how Walcott and Brathwaite use poetic outlets and literary devices in Re-visioning a Poetics of Landscape & how Zapata Olivella deploys writing strategies in The Double Bind: Women and the Environment in to convey their ecocritical and ecofeminist message, as captured by critics James McCorkle and Pamela Uchenna Vasser.
2 Elaborate a paragraph on why the text Landscapes, Narratives, and Tropical Nature: Creole Modernity in Suriname is an ecocritical and ecofeminist literary text of race and gender in Black Atlantic?
3 Read the text carefully and elaborate your critical definition of orality, (it is in the text, and you should look for it). Then mention some examples of oral tradition in this text of environmental Literary Studies of Race and Gender in the Black Atlantic. Research the concept of Black Atlantic and produce a short paragraph on your findings in this paper.
4 Elaborating on the character Elisabeth Samson, develop a critical and analytical thinking on her symbolic representation as a cultural character in the text, in time, and space.
5 Elaborating on the character Wilhelmina Rijburg known as Maxi Linder, develop a critical and analytical thinking on her symbolic representation as a cultural character in the text. Interpret following political history the meanings of the nickname Maxi Linder.
6 Elaborating on the Character of teacher Ilia, develop a critical and analytical thinking on his Symbolic representation as a cultural character in the text, in time, and space.
7 Elaborating on the character KanKantri, develop a critical and analytical thinking on his/its symbolic representation as a cultural character in the text, in time, and space.
8 Research the terms polyphony and polysemy and in one or two paragraphs show how the text Landscapes, narratives, and Tropical Nature is polyphonic as well as polysemous.
Nota Bene (NB): Choose any order you want to present the characters in your critical writing. All the ingredients that should inform your critique are in the texts. Just read the texts critically and in detail and follow (A) the writing instruction and (B) the Prompts seven points that you must address totally (all of them) in your critique. Quote appropriately from the texts to support your argument. All the paragraphs need to be integrated and flow the one into the other with transition strategies as required in the Course Writing Guides.
It is a 5-page critical and analytical paper and carries a weight of 20% of the total grades of the semester. It is due on Canvas Assignments board on the day of Final Exams: Thursday, December 9.

I have upoaded all the needed files. And the actual paper that needs to be fised file (FP2)

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