Framework and Production Elements Shawshank Redemption Anaylsis

Silverblatt’s Chapters 6 and 7 explain how to apply an analysis of framework and production elements as keys to interpreting a media text. View the attached slides that review the basics of Framework and Production Elements and how to apply them.FRAMEWORK and PRODUCTION ELEMENTS 2019.pptx.The links to examples (which are for you to analyze on your own) will help you understand the concepts and how to apply them before you complete your own post, applying the keys.Apply these two keys to a selected song, film or TV show and post here for discussion. You don’t have to use every item listed below but do label the answers with the main sections (such as IV, A to discuss the introduction) you use in your answer. You don’t have to write this in paragraph form–just follow the sections below and label them in order.IV. FrameworkA. Introduction 1. Title: What does the title of the presentation signify? 2. Introduction as Foreshadowing Device: a. What events constitute the introduction of the media presentation? b. What does the introduction tell us about the presentation? c. Does the introduction foreshadow events and themes in the body of the production? 3. Illogical Premise a. Is the premise of the presentation logical? b. What are the underlying assumptions behind the premise of the presentation? c. What is the impact of this premise on the messages conveyed in thepresentation? d. Do you accept the underlying premise in the presentation? e. If not, are you willing to suspend your disbelief?B. Plot 1. Explicit Content: What are the significant events in the story? 2. Implicit Content a. What is the relationship between the significant events in the narrative? b. What is the relationship between the characters in the narrative? c. What are the characters motives for their actions? d. Are the consequences to specific behaviors defined? 3. Subplots a. Can you identify any subplots in the narrative? b. Are there any connections between the subplots that provide insight into the worldview, characters, and themes in the production?C. Genre 1. Does the presentation belong to any recognizable genre? 2. Is there a predictable formula for the genre? What insights do these formulaprovide into the genre? Into the specific program? a. Formulaic Function b. Formulaic Premise c. Formulaic Structure d. Formulaic Plot e. Conventions 1) Conventional Storyline 2) Setting 3) Stock characters 4) Trappings3. What does this genre suggest about: a. Cultural attitudes and values? b. Cultural preoccupations? c. Cultural myths? d. World view?4. Can you trace the evolution of this genre? a. Have there been shifts in the genre over time? b. What do these shifts in genre reveal about changes in the culture?D. Conclusion1. Character Development a. Have the major characters changed as a result of the events in the story? How? Why? b. What have the characters learned as a result of their experience?2. Illogical Conclusion a. Does the conclusion of the presentation follow logically from the established premise, characters, and world-view? b. If not, how should the presentation have ended, given the established premise, characters, and world-view? c. How would you have preferred for the story to end? Why?V. Production Values: What messages are conveyed by the selection of the following productionelements?A. The selection of production elements convey messages (e.g. shooting up at a subjectlegitimizes the subject; shooting down on a subject minimizes the importance of thesubject or what he/she says or represents).1. What manifest messages are conveyed by the following production choices in themedia presentation?2. What latent messages were you able to identify by examining the followingproduction choices in the media presentation?B. Production Elements1. What production choices have been made by the media communicator?2. What messages are conveyed by these production choices?3. How do these production elements reinforce/convey media messages?4. Production Elements a. Editing b. Color c. Lighting d. Shape e. Scale f. Relative Position g. Movement h. Point of View i. Angle j. Connotation 1) Words 2) Images k. Performance l. Sound 1) Music 2) Dialogue 3) Background Sound

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