geography of food the distribution of food the consumption of

There are 2 parts of the assignment:
I will send you photos (from my notes, book, and some from the lecture slides) about the definitions most of the terms. You can check them out if needed. Please don t copy!
A) Definitions/Short Answers: define five key terms in 3 to 4 sentences. Please write your short answer in complete sentences (no bullet points). Be specific and define the term as it was used in the readings and/or class lectures. Use an example to illustrate if appropriate.
Ethnography, qualitative data, commodity fetishism, fair trade, discourse, ethical consumerism, geographic imaginaries, othering, hunger, undernourishment, food insecurity, famine, malnutrition, livelihood, food landscape, community food security, health disparities, red-lining, food desert, lobbying, food pyramid, nostalgia, identity, cuisine, home, intersectionality, authenticity, cultural appropriation, cosmopolitanism, social class, post-class society, foodies, exoticism, essentialization, discursive analysis, place, omnivorousness, multiculturalism, gentrification, populism, post-fordism, cultural economy, creative city, commoditization, food bank, devolution, SNAP, social representation, stigmatization, embodiment, biopower, resistance, IDP, terroir, agency, subjectivity, gender roles, performance, patriarchy, emotional labor, social reproduction, informal economy, living wage, persona, activism, advocacy
B) Essay Questions: about 500 words for each question.
Be sure to answer every sub-question! I am expecting your essay to show me that you understand the main concepts, are able to apply them to specific examples, and have critically reflected on the topic.

Our food comes from increasingly distant places. What are some important lessons we can learn from studying the global path from farm to plate? Use an example to illustrate inequities between people and places along the global food supply chain. Explain how fair trade may or may not help alleviate global inequities between consumers and producers. Focus on the type of relationships fostered by fair trade and the power imbalances they may reflect, including the role of geographic imaginaries.
Some argue that America is a society where class and race differences are increasingly blurred and may even be disappearing. How does this perspective influence the way we define American cuisine? What sort of race and class relations can we observe in analyzing so-called popular and cosmopolitan food trends in the United States? How do people use food to indicate their class position?
Experts argue that there has been a devolution of food assistance in the United States. What does that mean? First, describe how food assistance to the hungry is delivered in the United States. Then, explain the geographic, political, and social implications of this trend of devolution of assistance and discuss how this influences our ability to solve the hunger problem our country faces.
People can use food as a way to resist oppression or discrimination. Define what resistance means and why food can be instrumental in resisting both materially and emotionally. Use the experience of ethnic Georgian refugees to illustrate the role that food played in their lives while in exile. Feel free to add another example that illustrate how resistance occurs in a variety of place settings.
Today, chefs have become celebrities and the restaurant world is extremely glamorized. As celebrities, chefs have a profound impact on the way we cook and eat. Do you think that chefs (like Jamie Oliver and others) are able to challenge the contemporary food system? If so, what types of change do they encourage and how? To what extent have popular media representations of chefs and restaurants been helpful and/or detrimental in creating a more equitable food system?

It is important that you write your own answers with your own words. Copying material from any source, including Wikipedia, readings, or classmates work, will be considered plagiarism and will be penalized.


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