HEED 110 CCBC Pharmacology of Nicotine Paper

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Outline1. Title: Social Factors and Health Access in SocietyAPA formatted 6th edition2. Abstract.3. Introduction4. Body; Method used in the study Results Discussions and interventions Analysis and Reflection of social issues5. Conclusions6. References; Kavosi, Z., Rashidian, A., Pourreza, A., Majdzadeh, R., Pourmalek, F., Hosseinpour, A. R., & Arab, M. (2017). Inequality in household catastrophic health care expenditure in alow-income society of Iran. Health policy and planning, 27(7), 613-6 Mac Dorman, M. F., Mathews, T. J., Mohangoo, A. D., & Zeitlin, J. (2018). Internationalcomparisons of infant mortality and related factors: the United States and Europe, 2010. Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting thehealth of populations (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier. Schaefer, R. (2015). Sociology: A brief introduction (11th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). (2016). Healthy People 2020: Accessto Health Services. Retrieved from, Western, B., Bloome, D., Sonnad, B., & Tach, L. (2016). Economic Insecurity and SocialStratification. Annual Review of Sociology, 38(1), 341- 359. Head: SOCIAL FACTORS AND HEALTH ACCESS IN THE SOCIETYSocial Factors and Health Access in SocietyStudent s NameInstitutional Affiliation1FACTORS AND HEALTH ACCESS IN THE SOCIETY2AbstractMany factors influence a person s health, including genetics, access to high-quality health care,daily habits, and the environment. Social variables, in particular, have a significant impact on theease with which high-quality health care may be obtained and the inequality between those whohave access to it. These include socioeconomic status (SES), social networks, violence, exposureto crime, and social support. As well as discussing the methods used to test these variables andthe results found, this study aims to present a comprehensive picture of how these variablesaffect health care access and health quality among different social groups. Health care is moreaccessible to those who are more affluent than the disadvantaged in society. The same holds forthose who lack social support and those who have been the victims of crime. There is a hugedisparity in health care quality between the well-off and the less fortunate. Public hospitals areoften understaffed and underequipped, making them ill-equipped to treat all patients, whereas thebest hospitals, with the greatest doctors, are reserved for the wealthy (Kavosi et al., 2017). Thisresearch will investigate the challenges that healthcare providers encounter due to a variety ofsocioeconomic circumstances.FACTORS AND HEALTH ACCESS IN THE SOCIETY3IntroductionPoorer people tend to be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their betteroff counterparts. This is because the rich are more likely to have access to high-quality healthcare than the poor, and they are also less likely to be exposed to health risk factors. It s apparentthat the level of health people enjoy in society is influenced by social variables. Poor mentalhealth is linked to many social problems, including an uptick in crime and violence (Western etal., 2016). People who live in high-crime areas are more likely to suffer from mental healthproblems due to their environment. As a result of these challenges, people are more likely tosuffer from other health conditions. People in the upper echelons of society are unlikely to facethis type of issue.Community health and public health interventions are now the primary focus ofhealthcare practitioners working to prevent disease. According to the Department of Health andHuman Services (2016), theoretical approaches in the nursing profession can help improvepopulation health and reduce disparities in health care among individuals and communities byassisting in understanding how poor health outcomes, delays in receiving adequate care, andpreventable hospital stays are caused by inadequate access to health community based services.Numerous factors, such as socioeconomic background, racial identity, level of health education,and educational achievement, all influence access to and satisfaction of basic healthrequirements. Among these are socioeconomic status, ethnic background, level of healtheducation, and educational attainment. Poverty and other social problems that affect health canbe found in rural areas, where residents are more likely to face them. These issues can beexacerbated by the lack of infrastructure in rural areas and a lack of options for obtainingFACTORS AND HEALTH ACCESS IN THE SOCIETY4nutritious food (Schaefer, 2015). Discussing social determinants of health in the context of sociocultural and socio-cultural barriers is the goal of this study.MethodWhen conducting qualitativ

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