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Please select the word from the list that best fits the definitiongroup of defenses that your body has to fight diseaseleukemiaimmunityantigensallergyimmune systemantibodiestumorhistaminesnoninfectious diseaselymphocytesperspirationsmokingWhen your immune system recognizes a foreign protein or chemical, it forms specific ____.a.antibodiesc.pathogensb.antigensd.virusesPlease select the best answer from the choices providedABCD____ immunity results when antibodies produced in another animal are introduced into your body.a.Activec.Specificb.Passived.RecognitionPlease select the best answer from the choices providedABCD____ is one way to develop active immunity to a disease.a.Chemotherapyc.A vaccineb.Taking vitaminsd.All of the abovePlease select the best answer from the choices providedABCDPlease select the word from the list that best fits the definitionwhite blood cells that destroy invading antigensleukemiaimmunityantigensallergyimmune systemantibodiestumorhistaminesnoninfectious diseaselymphocytesperspirationsmokingAll of these are first-line defenses EXCEPT ____.a.salivac.antibodiesb.ciliad.enzymesPlease select the best answer from the choices providedABCDAn antigen is a protein made by your body to respond to a specific foreign molecule.Please select the best answer from the choices providedTFActive immunity is passed on from a mother to her baby.Please select the best answer from the choices providedTFPlease select the word from the list that best fits the definitionsubstances made in response to a specific antigenleukemiaimmunityantigensallergyimmune systemantibodiestumorhistaminesnoninfectious diseaselymphocytesperspirationsmokingYour immune system consists of ____ that fight disease.a.cellsc.organsb.tissuesd.all of the abovePlease select the best answer from the choices providedABCD

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