help me guy if u smart

QUESTION 1What is the approximate volume of this cylinder? (Use = 3.14.) 4823.04 m3602.88 m3200.96 m31205.76 m35 points QUESTION 2What is the area of this circle? (Express your answer using .) A= 324 cm2A= 81 cm2A= 9 cm2A= 18 cm25 points QUESTION 3A circle has a radius of 10 yards. What is the circumference of the circle? (Express your answer using .)10 yards30 yards5 yards20 yards5 points QUESTION 4What is the side length of a regular 12-sided polygon if the perimeter is 156 centimeters?13 cm10 cm15.6 cm12 cm5 points QUESTION 5In the triangle shown, what is the value ofx? 74 48 32 58 5 points QUESTION 6What ism CDG?90 125 35 55 5 points QUESTION 7Consider the image.Are EFDand EFCsupplementary? Yes, because the sum of the two angles is 180 .No, because the sum of the two angles is not 90 .Yes, because the two angles share a vertex and a side.No, because they share a vertex and a side.5 points QUESTION 8 KBJand JBAare complementary.What is the measure of KBJ? 142 38 52 86 5 points QUESTION 9If two angles are supplementary and one angle is 84 , what is the measure of the other angle?96 6 84 90 5 points QUESTION 10What is the approximate area of this circular pond? 49,062.5 ft278,125 ft2196,250 ft2392.5 ft25 points QUESTION 11What is the approximate circumference of a pizza pan with a diameter of 13.2 inches? (Use = 3.14)62.172 inches82.896 inches20.724 inches41.448 inches5 points QUESTION 12What type of angles are DPJand KPC? Complementary anglesSupplementary anglesAdjcent anglesVertical angles

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