HIST 109 Causes and Effects of World War I and II Research paper

Research Assignment #2 MAKE SURE YOU CITE For this assignment, please provide a brief summary (3-4 sentences for each source) of your primary and secondary sources that you intend to incorporate in your research paper. Please describe how this source ties into what your research paper is about. The aim of this assignment is for you to think more deeply about the sources you have been gathering, in addition to practicing your analytical skills. This will also make it easier to write your paper as you go along. You could list these as such: Please keep the following in mind: Videos are not allowed as sources. If you use online sources they must be from a .org, .gov, .edu domain. I would highly recommend the traditional approach and using printed materials such as books, journal articles, and maybe even newspapers/magazines. **Wikipedia is not allowed as a source Primary Source A_________ (3-4 sentences) Primary Source B__________ (3-4 sentences) Primary Source C___________ (3-4 sentences) Primary Source D___________ (3-4 sentences) Secondary Source A___________ (3-4 sentences) Secondary Source B____________ (3-4 sentences) Secondary Source C____________ (3-4 sentences) Secondary Source D____________ (3-4 sentences) Things to consider as you gather your sources: Are your sources addressing the main topic of your paper? Please submit this assignment via Canvas (both as an attached word document and copy and paste it in the box.___________________________________________________________________________________________________That is research paper one for reference: Causes and Effects of World War 1 and 2 For this research paper, my research topic will be The First and Second World war which began
in 1914. The above paper will focus on the reason as to why the First World War came to
happen. I will also outline the different countries that were affected by the war. The above paper
will explain why did the First World War start. I would like to know what was world 2 fought
There result of the First World War which tends to be felt a century after the conclusion. Fine
who wrote In Land Rent, Housing and Urban Planning, a primary scholar, made me understand
that the First World War appeared as the most deadly war in the universe and more expensive
than any other war before it. The war led to the downfall of many countries across the world
such as Germany that affected the social, political and cultural aspects. Le Bon. G. as a
secondary source, who wrote Psychology of the Great War: The First World War and Its Origins
a secondary scholar, helped me in the paper by quoting the journal that the war marked the end
of colonialism as many countries became more nationalistic. Gross, who indicated in the book of
The Establishment of Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe, indicated a primary scholar, that
another effect of the war leading to the changes of the economic balance of the whole world,
where some countries leaving debts to some European countries. Steams suggested in his
writings of The industrial revolution in world history, as a secondary scholar, that many
countries were affected by the First World War: Russia lost over one million soldiers in the war.
Croucher who wrote The politics of identity in a changing world. Rowman & Littlefield. Helped
me to know that France experienced the downfall in their economy as the manufacture
distributors had a hard time keeping up with the war. Japan was as well affected as it spent 24%
of their wealth in the war.
Mutual defense alliances appear as the first reason why the war started as some countries had
made mutual defense agreement. Ahrenfeldt. R. who wrote Psychiatry in the British army in the
Second World War. Rutledge helped me in my research stating that some countries introduced
imperialism as they acquired wealth in their country by bringing additional terrorists under their
control. Militarism led to the war as many countries increased the number of their armies as they
used improved resources in their training, this brought suspense to other countries hence starting
the war. The main reason that led to World War 2 was the treaties of Versailles that had ended
War 1 between Germany and Allied Powers. Germany happened to lost the war thus making the
treaty appeared harsh for them.
Ahrenfeldt, R. H. (2018). Psychiatry in the British army in the Second World War. Routledge.
Croucher, S. (2018). Globalization and Belonging: The politics of identity in a changing world.
Rowman & Littlefield.
Fine, B. (2018). Land, Capital and the British Coal Industry Prior to World War II 1.
In Land Rent, Housing and Urban Planning (pp. 107-125). Routledge.
Gross, J. (2018). War as Revolution 1. The Establishment of Communist Regimes in Eastern
Europe, 1944-1949 (pp. 17-40). Routledge.
Le Bon, G. (2018). Psychology of the Great War: The First World War and Its Origins.
Stearns, P. N. (2018). The industrial revolution in world history. Routledge.
Routledge.Teacher’s comment that he left: This is a good start, however I would recommend focusing on a specific topic from either WWI or WWII. For example, you could use WWI and how it impacted colonialism during and after. That is just one idea, or Alliances during WWI.

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