History American Dream Vietnam War

WHY WERE WE IN VIETNAM? WRITE A COHERENT ESSAY EXPLAINING AMERICA’S INVOLVEMENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. PLEASE USE MATERIAL FROM O BRIEN, LECTURES, THE TEXT, AND THE FILM.America went to Vietnam to fight against communist hostility. The leaders during that time insisted that South Vietnam which was a sovereign nation had to be defended from external communist aggression.Johnson Lyndon who was the ruling president at that time stated that North Vietnam had attacked South Vietnam which was a nationalist country. They argued that the communists in Vietnam were supported by the Soviet Union and China(“Why we went to war in Vietnam | The American Legion,” n.d.). Americans were afraid that if South Vietnam became communists, they would lure other neighboring countries into the idea which was wrong. Thus some of the reasons we were in Vietnam was to prevent and contain the spread of communism across the globe, and defend South Vietnam since North Vietnam had the Soviet Union and China as its close allies. Historically, many American citizens feared communism. It is a social, economic and political ideology. Under this system, all the citizens are equal politically, economically, and socially. People are supposed to share and own everything communally from businesses to food. This would lead to the death of social classes. Americans believed in a capitalist way. This method would allow every citizen to chase his dreams and aspirations. It would also create social classes where there would be the elites, middle and lower class. The elites would be the rules. However, this system would lead to economic growth. Their fear of communism led them to war. Communism would spread through revolution. Leaders during this era applied the Domino theory. The Domino theory stated that if one country adopted the communist ideal, other countries would follow. They requested the President to send spies to spy on the conditions in South Vietnam. The team advised the president, John F. Kennedy to send American Military troops, economic and technical aid to the country. The war in Vietnam was a costly conflict and one that left many people divided. One of the factors that intensified the war was the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The war left a lot of casualties with over 58, 000 Americans dead and over 3 million people the dead majority of which were Vietnamese civilians. The war left a lot of opposition in the country. It divided the citizens based on their ideas. Some argued that the war was a wrong idea and that the president had been misled by some insecure individuals who undermined nationalism. Others claimed that were it not for the war; President Nixon would have been the most celebrated American President ever.MANY AMERICANS FELT IN THE YEARS AFTER WORLD WAR TWO THAT THE AMERICAN DREAM WAS COMING TRUE. DISCUSS.Many Americans felt in the years after world war two that the American dream was coming true. The American ideal is the idea that equal opportunities will be available to the citizens through the help of the government allowing them to achieve their dreams, aspirations, and goals(“What Is the American Dream: History, Quotes,” n.d.). Having dominated in the world war as one of the superpowers, Many Americans felt the American dream was coming true. The country began offering economic aid to other countries. There were plenty of exhibitions and films, modern products that were derived from technology that gave the citizens hope. The citizens thought that they would live comfortable modern lifestyles a dream they have never achieved. The dream was not a material dream where everyone would have cars and high wages but one where America would have social order. Every citizen will be able to achieve his best version of his skills, be recognized by other citizens for what they do.

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