I have to implement the code with teacher comments

public class CourseRoster {//Do NOT add or remove any of these data membersprivate String courseName;private String instructorName;private Student[] roster;public CourseRoster(){//Constructs a CourseRoster// DO NOT modify this methodcourseName = “CMSC 131”;instructorName = “Tom R”;roster = null;}public void addStudent(Student newMember){//adds a new item always to the end of the list// This one is already implemented for you//Do NOT modify this methodif (roster == null){roster = new Student[1];roster[0] = new Student(newMember);}else{Student[] tempStudentArr = new Student[roster.length+1];for (int index = 0; index < roster.length; index++){tempStudentArr[index] = roster[index];}tempStudentArr[roster.length] = new Student(newMember);roster = tempStudentArr;}}public String getNames(){// returns the list of student names concatenated together// it will be used in the junit tests to determine if students// were added in the correct order// This one is already implemented for you// Do NOT modify this methodif (roster == null){return null;}else{String list="";for (int index = 0; index < roster.length;index++){list+=roster[index].getName();}return list;}}public int getSize(){//returns the current size of the roster array//This one is already implemented for you// Do NOT modify this methodif (roster == null){return 0;}else{return roster.length;}}public int findIndex(String name){// returns the index for the first occurrence of a Student// in the roster whose name matches that value of the parameter// or returns -1 if that name is not in the listreturn -1;}public int getValues(){//returns the sum of all values of the individual// items in the current array based on the // object's getValue method// if the list is empty, the value 0 is returnedreturn -1;}public int giveMoreAid(){// gives a raise in financial aid to each member of the list// each according to its giveMoreAid method// returns the sum of the return values// of all of the calls to the giveMoreAid methods// if the list is empty, the value 0 is returnedreturn -1;}public boolean removeStudent(String name){// Removes the first student whose name matches// the value of the parameter and returns true- if a student // with that name appears in the roster.// Returns false - if that name does not appear// in the current roster and does not remove anything.// If a student is removed from the roster, the roster array// must remain the exact size needed to hold the number // of Students currently in the class (the size of the array itself// must be one smaller if there is one fewer elements in the list.// If the one being removed is the only student in the list, the// roster should become null (as it was set in the constructor).return false;}}

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