Identify and explain the research/evaluation design to be used in your evaluation and how this design addresses issues of validity and reliability.

Evaluation Design Paper
This paper is an evaluation design for the problem selected, pulling together the many elements of this Evaluation Design Paper.
The Evaluation Design paper should be:
Ten (10) pages in length, double-spaces not including the cover and reference pages
Use Eight (8) scholarly sources published within the last five years only to support the paper
Make sure every section has scholarly support and examples!!!
Use 7th edition of APA when citing your sources
Include the following in your Evaluation Design Paper:
1. Describe, identify and explain the importance of the problem.
The program is: The New Harbor Port Authority in Delaware.
The problem is: that the port authority officers are racially and ethnically profiling workers coming onto the docks to work. Most are turned away, and Mr. Scott wants to determine if it is accurate and eliminate it. If not, the mayor will cut the Harbor Port Authorities budget.
2. Identify and explain your research question and variables to be used in your evaluation.
The research question is: Will the racial and ethnic profiling by the port authority officer contribute to the decrease in the funds for the New Harbor Ports?
The program evaluation: Research in the public sector (formative and midpoint)
3. Identify and explain the research/evaluation design to be used in your evaluation and how this design addresses issues of validity and reliability. Use examples and pros and cons.
The evaluation design is most appropriate because formative evaluation (also called program monitoring) provides feedback about the operations and processes during the implementation phase. The purpose is to monitor the officers, talk to the workers to see if racial and ethnic profiling was used, and give feedback to Mr. Scott. Another idea would be to have cameras where the officers talk to the workers and survey them to see if they are racially and ethnically profiled.
However, Mr. Scott can later use midpoint evaluations after discovering who the problem officers were and then focusing on teaching them and using that feedback to adjust how to train the new officers for a safer outcome.
4. a.) Identify and explain the information/data needed for the evaluation to support knowledge development and why.
b.) Explain how this information will be collected (e.g., what secondary sources you will use and what data collection instrument you will use to collect the information). If you plan on using a survey, please include the survey in an appendix to your paper.
The two types of secondary data tools that would be useful for evaluating the racial and ethnic profiling of workers by the port authority officers are done by using quantitative data:
1. Structured data collection That structured data is collected the same way every time. For example, the director wants to know the precise number of people s racial and ethnic profiles daily. If the numbers show that twenty people were profiled each day, it is a well-defined number, and he wants to know what race or ethnicity the people are and why the port authority officers are questioning them.
2. Unobtrusive data collection- Unobtrusive observation data collection is when people do not know they are being observed. The director would have someone inside signaling to someone outside the building to tell them who to interview, asking questions similar to why they think they were racially and ethnic profiling. For example, if it was their first time stopped? Which port authority officer was it? Was their vehicle searched?
The survey
Most Effective Results
The survey method I choose for the New Harbor Port Authority is an in-person interview. Face-to-face interviews are structured, and in this situation, doing an in-person interview is needed. The research team will talk to all the workers that were turned away. Once they have left the docks, the workers would be interviewed so the port officers would not know. There would also be translators for the workers that English is not their first language. The researchers would also read the questions and write notes if the person wants to add to the answer. The interview would take less than 10 mins to finish and assurances of their confidentiality or anonymity.
Survey Questions
1. What is your gender?
A. Male
B. Female
C. Prefer not to answer
2. What is your age group?
A. 20-30
B. 31-40
C. 41-50
D. 51-60
E. 61 and older
3. What is your race?
A. White
B. Black
C. American Indian
D. Asian
E. Black n White
F. Other
4. Is English your primary language?
A. Yes
B. No
6. Do you feel targeted by the port authority offices because of race or ethnicity?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Prefer not to answer
7. How many times have the port authority officers stopped and searched your vehicle without cause in the last month?
A. 1-5
B. 6-10
C. 11-20
D. Never
E. Every time
8. Who does not get st

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