Lab report physics – Newton’s Second Law

Experiment 7, Modified.Newton s Second Law.Assignment Due is as follows:A- First Data Table should show the following: Hanging force versus acceleration, where you will need to give: the magnitude of the applied force(hanging) each time in increasing increments, the time taken to travel the 0.5m distance along the table and the acceleration for each applied force. Remember 1N=1 kg x 9.8 m/s2The mass of the cart remains constant in part A.Mathematical Calculations must be shown for each acceleration placed in the data table. You must write the formula( X=V0t +1/2 at2) , substitute the numbers in with units, perform the calculations, then give the final answer. Units must be given next to each physical measurements and not only next to the final answer. Plot a graph for the hanging force in Newtons versus acceleration in meters per second squared. Since some of the readings were very close, try to expand your scale for a more accurate graph. Use a ruler and pencil, or excel. You can’t have a ladder or zigzag. Your graph must be presented as a straight-line or curve. Pick the best fit line or curve that goes by/near most of your points. Always for the accuracy of any graph, use a nicely sharpened pencil and just a dot for each point.B- Second Data Table should include the following:The increasing increments of the added mass to the cart, the time taken to travel the 0.5m distance and the calculated acceleration using the data derived from the lab experiment. You can include the mass of the cart to each added mass, or you can plot the added masses only ignoring the mass of the cart.The hanging force remains constant in part B. Follow the same directions above for the mathematical calculations and graphing. Except in part B, you will plot mass in kg versus acceleration in m/s2All labs must be typed. Data, mathematical calculations and answers to assigned questions. All graphs can be done on graph paper with a ruler and pencil as indicated above or on excel.

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