Managerial responsibilities | Operations Management homework help

10.1. What are the reasons for dividing the systems engineering/new products development process into phases or stages?
10.9. Given three components, each with a reliability of 0.9, calculate the reliability of a total system in which the three are arranged in (a) three in series, (b) three in parallel, and (c) , (d) in two different series/parallel designs each using a total of only three components.
10.11. An engineered system consists of one each of three components X, Y and Z with reliabilities RX, RY and RZ of 0.94, 0.80 and 0.95. (a) what is the system reliability, assuming that one component of each type must work? (B) If required system reliability is 0.85, show how you can meet this goal by replacing one of these components with two of that same component in parallel.
10.13. An engineered system has a hazard rate of 0.01 failures per hour. (a) What is its MTBF? If the same system has an MTBM of 60 hours, an MDT of 20 hours, and an MTTR of 6 hours, what its (b) inherent availability and (C) operational availability?
10.16. Discuss how the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling relate to the engineering design process.
11.5. Distinguish between (a) product layout, (b) process layout, and (c) group technology.
11.7. (a) if it costs $2 per unit to store an item for one year and $40 setup cost every time you produce a lot, and you use 1000 units per year, how many lost of what size should be manufactured each year? (b) How would your answer change if the setup cost can be reduced to $10?
11.9. A production plant with fixed costs of $300,000 produces a product with variable costs of $40 per unit and sells them at $100 each. What is the break-even quantity and cost? Illustrate with a break-even chart.
11.10. A Machine tool salesperson offers the plant of question 11-8 equipment that would increase their fixed cost by $180,000, but reduce their variable cost form $40 to $25. Should the plant accept this suggestion if they can sell their entire plant capacity of 10,000 units per year at $100 each? Illustrate by modifying the break-even chart of question 11-8.
11.11. A plant is beginning production of a light-alloy product and finds that it takes 400 hours to produce the first item. How many hours should it take to produce each of the following: (a) the second item; (b) the eighth item; (c) the 37th item? (Hint refer to table 11-1)
11.13. Distinguish between MRP and MRP II.
Preparing for Managerial Responsibilities
Requirements. Effectiveness as a manager requires a combination of attributes, knowledge, and skills. Edwin Gee, while a senior vice president of DuPont, listed the following attributes of researchers that were indications that they would become good managers:
1.They are able to identify a problem, analyze it, and synthesize a solution.
2.They are willing to accept and even seek responsibility.
3.They are able to get results without upsetting people

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