MGT432 Jacksonville University 3M Company Analysis

Complete the analysis of the 3M company based on these requirements1.0 The Firm s Diversification Integration (10 points total)1.1Indicate the extent to which the firm is diversified (2 points)2.2Indicate two ways that the firm has diversified, explaining the relatedness and the economies of scope that are realized with each of these diversification strategies (2 points each)3.3Identify two specific areas where the firm could further diversify, explaining the relatedness and the economies of scope that are realized with these diversification strategies (2 points each)2.0 The Firm s Alliances (9 points total)Review the firm s website and conduct a search using relevant news sources that include, for example, Wall Street Journal( or Bloomberg News( to Identify an alliance that the firm has formedIdentify a specific alliance the firm should pursue2.1.Present the following with regard to each alliance:2.1.1. Specify the type of alliance (1 point each)2.1.2. Specify how each alliance creates economic value and justify why you have drawn this conclusion (2 points each)2.2.3. Specify the risk or threat that each alliance may create for the firm (2 points each)3.0 The Firm s Mergers or Acquisitions (7 points total)Review the firm s website and conduct a search using relevant news sources that include, for example, Wall Street Journal( or Bloomberg News( a merger or acquisition where the firm has been involved (note, the firm may be selling some aspect of its business to another firm)3.1.Present the following with regard to the merger or acquisition:3.1.1. Specify the type of merger or acquisition and whether it was friendly or unfriendly (1 point)3.1.2. Specify how it was accomplished (2 points)3.1.3. Specify how it adds value or what risks may exist (2 points)3.2.Identify a specific merger or acquisition that firm should pursue, explaining how this would add value to the firm (2 points)4.0 The Firm s Leadership and Organizational Structure (8 points total)4.1.In a table, present the firm s board of directors and the firm s corporate leadership (1 point)4.2.Draw an organizational chart and specify the type of organizational structure of the firm, clearly substantiate this claim (3 points)4.3.Report the CEO s pay, details regarding his or her total compensation package. Assess the financial incentives of the CEO and discuss whether the incentive compensation for the CEO is effective or not (4 points)5.0 The Firm s Financial Performance (11 points total)5.1.Using the last 2 years of financial reports published in the firm s annual reports compute the following financial ratios for the firm (attach the financial statements from the annual reports as an Appendix and present your computations in a Table): Return on assets, return on equity, gross profit margin, price to earnings ratio, current ratio (1 point each; show the values used)5.2.Present the ratios of one of the two competitors that you identified (2.5 point)5.3.Assess the firm s performance based on the data that you have compiled (3.5 points)Example Table (This example doesn t include all of the rows required and the labels should be amended to reflect your firm and competitor):Firm Year 1Firm Year 2Competitor Most Recent YearReturn on AssetsReturn on EquityGross Profit MarginPrice to Earnings RatioCurrent RatioConstraintsYou are expected to adhere to the following:You must collect information from reputable sources any report not including such data will receive an automatic 0.You must type the document, using Times New Roman 12-pitch font, double-spaced (in Tables you can single space content), with one-inch top, bottom, and side margins on a standard 8 by 11 sheet of paper (papers that are not typed will not be accepted).You must ensure your name in the header of each page (failure to include this will lead to a 2 point deduction).You must spell out ALL acronyms that are used in responses (2 points off for each acronym that isn t defined).You must use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation (1 point off for each error).You must properly cite all sources that are used choose an appropriate guide for publications, identify this in the header under your name, and provide a reference list at the end of your submission that is consistent with the reference standards (e.g., American Psychological Association Guide for Publications, Academy of Management)Your paper must be specific, clear, and concise substantiating statements that are made (see examples of statements that are unclear or insufficient).You must not present Tables or Figures that are cut directly from a website (5 point deduction for each of these presented)You must ensure the document is stapled or secured with a clip in the top left corner.ChoicesI encourage you to consider options that will help you present your material in a concise way (e.g., tables or diagrams; in fact the project has specified some places where Tables and Figures should be presented). Still, you should ensure that you explain the material clearly. Because others Tables and Figures rarely address the issues that an author is trying to explain, no Tables or Figures directly cut from websites or publications are acceptable (see the constraint above).

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