(Mt) – CTU Online Week 5 Team Communication and Problem Solving Presentation

BUILDING A TEAM KRIS S PEOPLES HRM345-2104A-02 10/06/2021 Approaches to Prepare the Team to Working Together Prior to Starting It is important to ensure, and facilitate effective goal setting for the team It is imperative to ensure role clarification among the distinct members that will form the team Facilitating interpersonal-relationship management Cont. Cultivating appropriate problem-solving methodologies Promoting and encouraging effective communication Establishing team rules Clarifying purpose Training and development Activities to be Leveraged to Build Trust and Productivity When the Team Starts its Operations It is important to engage the team members on various professional development activities where they can learn, and share varied attributes Incorporating team-defined sports to help cultivate bonding Rewarding teams for achievement of goals Cont. It is vital to set communication expectations and goals for the team Incorporating a training and awareness program that identifies the importance of conferring the team members ownership, for instance, in decision making The program should also include insights on problemsolving, adaptability and planning, and one that nurtures cooperativeness Approaches to Measure Whether Trust exists within the Team Evaluating the individual member s propensity to trust Identification of their perceived trustworthiness Determining the presence or absence of cooperative behaviours within the team Assessing monitoring behaviors among the members How to Measure the Team s effectiveness During the Early Working stages It is important to determine the team performance Evaluating viability of the teamwork Assessing team s influence on the members and member satisfaction Determining the reputation of the team References Costa, A., & Anderson, N. (2011). Measuring trust in teams: Development and validation of a multifaceted measure of formative and reflective indicators of team trust. European Journal Of Work And Organizational Psychology, 20(1), 119154. Hassan, S. (2013). The Importance of Role Clarification in Workgroups: Effects on Perceived Role Clarity, Work Satisfaction, and Turnover Rates. Public Administration Review, 73(5), 716-725. Managing Team Issues KRIS S PEOPLES HRM345-2104A-02 10/13/2021 Introduction I will explore my organization and how cooking tutorial software could help promote workforce and menu diversity. Any successful project development begins with team creation. The teams can be of different types, namely, informal, traditional, or problem-solving. Team creation happens virtually, through leadership, or can be self-directed. Group Purpose and Description The objective of the group is to field and develop cooking tutorial software. The team type will be problem-solving. The team will consist of a researcher, a leader, a promoter, and a designer. The team intends to build strong relationships with the organization s key stakeholders to make cooking of diverse foods a less daunting task for the restaurant (Ab-Latif et al., 2020). Data Collection When gathering data, I will utilize the SMART framework. The framework will entail observation, surveys, focus group discussions, and one-on-one interviews. Data Types Required Behavioral objectives Community outcome objectives Process objectives Level of Functioning Organization diagnosis is the act of mapping familiarity of a given concept within different levels of the organization. At the group level, it is crucial to understand how members relate to each other. It is important to diagnose demographic variables such as job experience, education, age, group norms, task structure, and composition (Govender & Parumasur, 2016). Development Activities Remove barriers Connect to a professional network Outlay resources Set the example Communicating Progress Conference calls Meetings Posters and emails Voice mail/ hallway conversations/ lunch meetings and sporting events. Conclusion When planning a development project, it is crucial to know who fits will in the team. It is crucial to promote diversity, a healthy working environment, and productivity ( Luu et al., 2019). Training programs are essential in global team development. References Ab-Latif, Z., Mutalib, A. A., Ismail, Z., & Ismail, F. (2020). Cultural Value Diversity: Influence towards Multicultural Teamwork Performance among Restaurant Employees. Journal of Vocational Education Studies, 3(2), 106-117. Govender, P., & Parumasur, S. B. (2016). Organizational diagnosis, the stepping stone to organizational effectiveness. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 12 (2)(Continued 1), 65-76. Luu, T. T., Rowley, C., & Vo, T. T. (2019). Addressing employee diversity to foster their work engagement. Journal of Business Research, 95, 303-315. Sumaneeva, K. A., Eluwole, K. K., & Turgay, A. V. C. I. (2019). Cross-functional training of front-line hotel employees, in-role and extra-role job performance, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty: A conceptual model proposal. Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism, 9(6), 1183-1189.

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