(Mt) – ECOM 301 Emarketing Worksheet

1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing The College of Administrative and Finance Sciences E-commerce Department E-Marketing (ECOM301) Digital Marketing Plan Project You work for a company as a digital marketing manager and you ve been asked to prepare a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. The campaign will run for the duration of one year, starting January until December 2022. Important note: You can choose any company to work with as long as: It is a local company. It is a startup that was established in the last (3 6) years, 2014 onwards. It can belong to any industry sector. ECOM 301 Project 1 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing Requirements Part 1, around (500) words: Due week 6, on 10/09/2021. (Refer to the Textbook Chapters 2 & 3, and apply the following in the context of your company) 1. Investigate the micro-environment as part of the situation analysis for your company. a. Competitors analysis b. Suppliers and/or Digital Marketing intermediaries. c. Customers persona. 2. Summaries the macro-environment variable your company needs to monitor when operating the digital marketing campaign. (two or three variables for each force are sufficient) a. Technological forces. b. Legal forces. c. Economic forces. d. Political forces. e. Social forces. ECOM 301 Project 2 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing Part 2, around (1000) words: Due week 10. on 11/01/2021. (Refer to the Textbook Chapters 4, 5 & 6) 1. Devise a digital marketing strategy for your campaign. (refer to figure 4.5, page 147 or ch4, slide 9) a. Where are you now? (situation analysis) b. Where do you want to be? (business objectives) c. How are you going to get there? (strategy) d. How exactly do you get there? (tactics) e. Who does what and when? (actions) f. How do you monitor performance? (control) 2. Summaries the marketing mix best suitable for your campaign. (refer to ch5) a. Product variables b. Price variables c. Place variables d. Promotion variables e. Process variables 3. How can you implement relationship marketing for your campaign. (refer to ch6) a. Could you create a virtual community? And how does it help the relationship marketing. b. Could you use digital media to support customers advocacy? And how? ECOM 301 Project 3 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing Part 3, around (1000) words: Due week 14. on 12/01/2021. (Refer to the Textbook Chapters 7, 8, 9 &10) For legal reasons, you will not actually create business profiles and launch a campaign on different platforms. You will merely write the proposed plan and the expected results and accumulated costs, using real facts from the chosen used platforms. So, do the proper research and choose wisely.. Create a campaign for your company to launch, starting January 2021 till December, that will be active for 12 months. Marketing budget: SR 450,000 to spend on digital advertising media over the next 12 months. The budget also includes up to SR 340,500 for advertising creative and content development, and for the company to manage the program. a. What is your campaign message? (about your digital campaign message) b. What is your digital marketing campaign Schedule: recommend digital marketing content and the schedule for the content? (Must include timeline for the content distribution, frequency of posts and ads). c. What platforms and digital media you will use to deploy your campaign, and for which purpose? Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat) and any other platform that might help achieve your goals, like google, YouTube, etc. (Must include screenshots of the platforms process of creating the campaign). Also, include a table of the budget allocations for each platform on a monthly basis. Try to justify your selection. d. Monitoring and Optimization: describe how you will measure and improve digital marketing performance during the campaign. What tools you will use to monitor the campaign s activity. (Must include screenshots of the monitoring tools that will keep track of your costs and activity). ECOM 301 Project 4 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing Important instructions and Notes Part 1 Part 2 & 1 Part 3 & 2 &1 Due 10/09/2021 Due 11/01/2021 Due 12/01/2021 5 Marks 10 Marks 10 Marks 1. This is an individual work. 2. You will submit online through blackboard. 3. A cover page is required for each submission, one mark will be deducted if there is no cover page. 4. The submitted document needs to be structured as follow: a cover page, assignments requirements , then your answers. without these instructions. 5. The assignments parts will be each submitted on a different date. However, part 2 needs to contain part one, and part 3 needs to contain parts 1 & 2. 6. The reference list, a minimum number of 10 references and citations is required, and you must use APA referencing style. Quotations must be cited to its resources. 7. The paper styles: The format of the paper needs to be introduction, main body and conclusion. Your work needs to be consistent in terms of style, tone and appearance. Font size: 12. Font type: Times New Roman, Page are numbered. 1.5 spacing between lines and paragraphs. Left alignment. 8. Entire project word count, around 2500 words. 9. You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment. You can ask someone to proofread your work or use online tools. ECOM 301 Project 5 1st Semester 2021 -2022 E-Marketing 10. Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of assignment. Structure includes these elements: paper style, free of spelling and grammar errors. 11. In case of any questions, please refer to your instructor. Best of Luck!! ECOM 301 Project 6 Student Name: Shahad Almuhaiza Student ID: 180194646 Course Title: E-Marketing Course Code: E-com 301 Academic Year/ Semester: CRN: 23322 Instructor Name: Walaa Abudiyyah Student Grade: Grade Level: Table of Contents Introduction .. 1 Competitor analysis .. 1 SWOT analysis 2 Digital Marketing intermediaries: . 3 Customers persona: . 3 Technological forces: .. 4 Legal forces: . 4 Economic forces: 5 Political factors: .. 5 Social forces: 5 Situation analysis 5 Business objectives 6 Strategy .. 7 Tactics .. 7 Actions . 8 Control . 8 Product variables 8 Price variables . 8 Place variables . 9 Promotion variables . 9 Process variables 9 Could you create a virtual community? And how does it help the relationship marketing. . 10 Could you use digital media to support customers advocacy? And how? 10 The campaign message 11 Campaign Schedule 11 Platforms . 11 The budget of all platforms of January 2021 to December of 2021 .. 16 Monitoring and Optimization the performance of digital marketing campaign . 16 References: . 18 0 Nice One Introduction Nice One is a Saudi makeup e-commerce platform and was founded by two brothers in 2016, it s an electronic platform that seeks to provide the best products with the most quality requirements, and always strive to implement the highest standards of care in packaging, processing, and speed in the delivery of orders. Currently, Nice one is considered one of the largest and strongest online shopping websites in the field of cosmetics, care, and perfumes, and it has more than 2 million users. Unfortunately, there isn t enough information about our vision on our website. A vision statement is important to a company because it defines the purpose of the company, helps the decision-making process, It s a guide for employees if they encounter challenges and it motivates them to work toward success and achieve the company s goals. Also, it can attract investors and customers who are interest in the business. Besides, a vision statement can help prioritizes the company s resources. To achieve all that we need to work on our vision. On the other hand, in our mission, we seek to provide the best products with the most quality requirements, and we always strive to implement the highest standards of care in packaging and processing and speed in the delivery of orders. Competitor analysis As for our competitors in the field, whose number is increasing over the past years due to the state s expansion and 2030 vision, but a small number compete with us in the quality provided by services and the tight structure of our company, identifying and determining important competitors companies. Some of important competitors companies: 1 Golden scent: was founded in 2014 and it s our biggest competitor. They are a Saudi Arabia beauty ecommerce platform and are known for their exclusive offers, loyal customers, and vast product selection. Their app now has more than 3 million downloads. Sara makeup: is a Saudi company beauty e-commerce platform that was founded in the same year as us. They provide international brands at discounted prices. They also have perfume experts that provide detailed notes on all of their fragrances, allowing the customer to shop with confidence. SWOT analysis Strengths: Variety of products across different categories. Competitive pricing. Powerful brand recognition in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Considered the first website in the region to shop for beauty products and perfumes. The speed of response from the 24-hour customer service center. Higher budget for marketing. Weaknesses: There isn t enough information about our company. No physical store so customers can try on and test products. The main target market is women. Not known globally. Opportunities: The company can increase their market share if they listen and adapt to customer demand. Technological advances in the industry. Growing demand for high products, but with more affordable prices. Stable apparel market growth. Threats: Growing competition from other companies. Potential competitors in the markets. 2 Costs of shipping. Our prices in different categories are lower compared to other competitors like Golden Scent and Sara Makeup. That gives us a competitive advantage in the market. Also, we have many offers and discounts that attract customers and insures customer loyalty. On the website design, the sections need to be visible and in the center of the site. For instant on a competitor website like Golden Scent and Sara Makeup their sections are the first thing to see on the site. Doing so makes it easier for customers to find what they want. There isn t enough information on our website about our company. Who we are, how and when did we start, and what we look and hope for in the future. Compared to Golden Scent and Sara Makeup their information is informative and attractive. The payment and order tracking option should be visible down on the bar. It could be frustrating for customers to find them. Other than that, the search bar is visible and easy to use, we have a section for brands, a variety of products. The language, my account, and shopping bag options are visible, and the site is easy to use. Digital Marketing intermediaries: For our digital marketing intermediaries, we used google to promote and advertise our website and put our ads and offers on different web pages. Additionally, we used the help of different social media influencers for advertisement and promotion to our services and website through Snapchat. On top of that, we contacted some makeup artists and made a makeup tutorial by the product that we sell on our site for our YouTube channel. Also, we send emails to our customers with our latest offers. Customers persona: Raghad Saad: Young female, 26 years old from Riyadh. An employee who works in an interior design company. Mainly looking for makeup, skincare, and hair products. Aiming to buy healthy and natural products. She is a social person, it s easy for her to make new friends. She checks for new products each month, interested in updates. When reading the Customers persona above, we can identify her needs and expectations. Furthermore, Nice One needs to catch her attention by offering products she wants, special offers. As stated 3 above, Raghad is looking for makeup, skin-care, and hair products. Therefore, Nice One has to make sure they deliver the appropriate amount of information, photos, and maybe even videos on how to exactly apply a specific product. Deema Murdi: Young teenager, 17 years old from Dammam. High school student. Inspired by makeup tutorials on YouTube and blogs. Likes to tests and buy new products. Looking for information and seeking help and advice. She is looking for affordable products and special offers. Deema is a young girl who is just entering the whole makeup world that surrounds her when watching YouTube videos, blogs and on her daily basis such as seeing older girls in school. Deema is new to this aspect therefore she is mainly looking for information, what does Nice One offer, how much is it, what are the products, and all the basic information she needs to know. In addition, since she s not experience, and she likes to watch YouTube videos, Nice One knows the videos on their YouTube channel are going to be very helpful for Deema, some basic ways to apply foundation, blush, and eye makeup. Technological forces: For our technological forces, we provided Apple Pay s service to make it easier and safer for our users. Additionally, when users register on our website, they provide personal information such as name, phone number, email address, shipping address, or other information. Such information is stored in our database forms. Protecting our user s information is important to us, therefore we encrypt many of our services using SSL. Financial information such as credit cards and/or bank account numbers are transferring using the SSL protocol to be encrypted before sending. The lock icon is displayed so users can verify our security. We developed a mobile app for our site. By doing that we aim to increase the number of our users, get a head of competitors. Having a mobile app makes it easier for users to reach, keep in touch with new offers and products. Legal forces: 4 In the legal area, we have implemented the regulations of the e-commerce law of the Ministry of Commerce, regarding data protection and privacy law which contains protection of personal consumer data from unauthorized access, and data shouldn t be used in advertising and marketing. Another law that we implemented is registering our platform in the commercial register and Maroof. Economic forces: Beauty e-commerce is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets. Shopping for cosmetics online is a luxury that users want and need. Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of people struggled financially and some of them have lost their jobs. These circumstances affect the demand for a purchase. Political factors: In May of 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a decision to raise the added tax rate from 5% to 15%, starting in July 2020. Such a decision affects consumer behavior for consumption. Our prices are updated to in

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