(Mt) – ECOM 322 SEU Social Media Marketing Research Paper

Please view explanation and answer below.Hey buddy,I m done with the assignment, find it attached to this message. All the best!!RegardsTutor_Khloe25ECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORTECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORTStudent s nameCourse titleInstructor s nameDate1ECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT2ECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORTBrief overviewHeySaudi is a delivery service company that offers online shopping and deliveryservices to households around Saudi Arabia. Using our delivery mobile application,businesses can register and display their products to shoppers around the country whothrough the application can order products and have them delivered. Being in a youngmarket, yet to be explored by many, the company has to ensure that it holds a brand that willsuit every Saudi Arabian s need in terms of online shopping. Competitive advantage withsocial media marketing offers the company four advantages; marketing, relating tocustomers, attracting experienced and qualified staff, and expert reputation. With SMM,relating to customers is such that the company can run a targeted advertisement that uses aperson s social media data to recommend the business (Pradiptarini, 2011). Expertreputation on the other hand comes in that through bloggers and celebrities on the socialmedia platforms, the company can advertise and thus reach a wider audience from theinfluencer or blogger. These strategies help the company to gain a competitive edge over thecompetitors and thus a competitive advantage.ECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORTFigure 1: Facebook PageFigure 2: Instagram Page3ECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT4Figure 3: Twitter accountSocial media benchmarkingFor HeySaudi, the toughest competitors are Walem, Shadda, Jahez, Ngwah, andToYou where most of these competitors also use social media platforms. Walem is not somuch into social media in that it only has a Facebook page with 109 followers. Thecompany is yet to post on this page with the last post being in 2018. Shadda, which is yetanother competitor is active on Twitter with at least 4893 followers that constantly engagewith the platform. On Twitter, most of Shadda s posts are promotional and are posted at leastonce a month. Most of its followers interact through retweets, tweets, and likes that varywith the content. Unlike Shadda, Jahez is more lively on Facebook with 833 likes andfollowers with most of its content also being promotional and some informative e.g. on jobopenings. Jahez is active with at least a post every week with most customers engagingthrough comments and likes on their posts. Ngwah is active on LinkedIn with 2943followers where s are mostly job openings as opposed to advertisements as seen inother delivery companies. With LinkedIn, their posts are once yearly given that the focus isECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT5on the jobs. Customers engage with the company through comments and likes on their posts.ToYou is active on Facebook with 5442 followers on the platform. With ToYou, most postsare about the festivities thus are posted during festive seasons with the message being towish its customers happy holidays. Engagement with the platform is through likes andcomments. Customers can also direct message the customer service team in case of anyqueries.Define your social media marketing goals (based on launching a new Product andMobile App campaign)Being in the initial stages, HeySaudi s goals are more focused on increasing brandawareness. With this in mind, the company aims to; increase brand awareness, increasetraffic to the mobile application (users), build a community, and boost brand engagement.From these goals, the overall target can be summed up to brand awareness, with brandawareness, the aim here is to spread the word on the new mobile application which is thebusiness. With this campaign, the company plans to introduce the application to its potentialcustomers and by that show them what it offers that is better than its competitors already inthe market. Goals like increasing revenue will follow after the application has gained fameamong its customers. To interact with the audience, the company aims to run social mediaadvertisements on the major social media sites i.e. Facebook and Twitter, and later onexpand to other sites such as Instagram and TikTok through influencers. Twitter andFacebook are the preferred social media platforms given the vast and diverse amount ofusers in the platforms. Apart from social media advertisements, the customer support teamwill also be available to help with any issues related to the business or how to use the mobileapplication.Research your target audienceECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT6At HeySaudi, the target audience comprises all Saudi homes in need of a faster wayof getting the goods they want from a store or pharmacy, etc. without having to take longtrips to in-store shopping. With online shopping, the idea is to reduce the logistics involvedin acquiring goods and t that, reducing the costs that one would have to incur going to thestore and back. With this in mind, we classify the marketing personas into three;spontaneous, humanistic, and competitive personas. With spontaneous personas, these arepeople who want to get things they need quickly mostly comprised of people who workaround the clock with tight schedules. The competitive personas are people who are afterfinding what we offer that is different from the others. For such customers, the focus will beto prove that we offer quality. Lastly, are the humanistic personas whose main aim is toengage with the business and build a relationship with the business? For HeySaudi, thesecustomers are after quality customer service and expect to be treated as valued customers.Here, the focus will be on the quality of our service. We shall use Facebook and Twitterwhich have the greatest number of users. The company will also make use of Instagramwhich proves to also be effective when it comes to businesses.Develop your social media brand/ business standardsWith HeySaudi, we want to build a brand that fits all our identified persona and bythat, every customer and Saudi Arabian citizen who form part of our potential customerbase. To resonate with our customers, the business not only has to appease the personalvalues but also the cultural values of the country. For this, the company has three personalitytraits; authentic, identifiable, and transparent. By authenticity, we have to stand by what wesay and be true to the business ideals and ideas. Being authentic will mean going the extramile to ensure that the customers get quality service and products as promised. Beingidentifiable will mean the company can relate with its customers and thus gaining theECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT7recognition it deserves. For HeySaudi, this will also be majorly through the quality ofservice and products thus competitive advantage. Being authentic goes in hand withtransparency. At HeySaudi, transparency will mean making every process of our interactionwith the customer as open as possible for the customer to easily follow through. Thebusiness will at all times try to avoid conflicts with customers over the poor quality ofservice and products thus maintaining a good relationship with the customers. Poor customerservice is yet another trait that the business will avoid as it directly goes against the beliefsof the business.For the logo, HeySaudi will go with bright colors i.e. white and orange with the FFblur font. With these colors, the Hey part will be white while the Saudi part will beorange. The two colors merge to form a friendly logo that will encourage more customersas part of the visual appeal. With varying display sizes, the company will adjust the logo sizeto occupy at least 10 to 30 percent of the width of the display area. Being a new business,communication will be majorly through the selected social media platforms. Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram have messaging options that will allow our customers to raise anyissues with customer support and thus get help (Leung, Bai, & Erdem, 2017).ImplementationActionable social media tacticsFacebookFacebook is by far the largest social media platform with almost every person with asmartphone owning a Facebook account. With Facebook, the goal will be to reach as manypeople as possible by utilizing the wide user base of the application. While s can beat any time, the ideal time to post will be at 1700h given the fact that most people at thisECOM 322: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING REPORT8time are usually done with their days work. Furthermore, posting at this time will help thecompany reach more users given that many people use social media after work hoursthrough the night. On Facebook, the major posts will be advertisements for new ideas andoffer through the app. Facebook will also be used to relay information on the company thatis deemed as useful and important for customers to know e.g. maintenance or arising issueswith its use. Most of s here will be balanced with promotional content taking around70 percent while informative content takes the remaining percentage.TwitterLike Facebook, the company will also use Twitter as a way of relaying useful;information to customers. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not so useful when it comes toadvertising given the fact that instead of posts it uses tweets that are not as impactful asFacebook posts (Huang, 2019). Twitter will also help in customer service as it is a g

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