(Mt) – MIS 201 SEU Management Information System Discussion

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Saudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial Sciences Ecommerce DepartmentStudent Name:Student ID:Course Title: Management InformationCourse Code: MIS201SystemAcademic Year/ Semester:CRN:Instructor Name:Student Grade:Grade Level:Low/ Middle / High1Saudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment ofMIS201- Management Information SystemMIS201 Project First Semester2021-2022SubmissionPart 1End of week 6 Saturday 16/10/2021Part 2End of week 13 Saturday 11/12/2021Part 3Instructors will manage the date and time for presentation during week 13&1425 Marks2Assignment DetailsThe project involves studying the IT infrastructure of a relevant information system (IS)/information technology (IT) used by selecting any organization of your choice locally orinternationallyThe idea is to investigate the selected organization using the main components of IT (Hardware,software, services, data management and networking). Infrastructure Investigation, which is in aselected industry, should be carried out by using articles, websites, books and journal papers and/or interviews. In the report, you are expected to discuss:Project Report Structure: Part 1Submission: End of week 6 Saturday 16/10/2021Marks: 101. Cover PageThis must contain topic title, student names and Students ID, section number and coursename.(you can find the cover page in the blackboard)2 Table of Contents (0.5 mark).Cover Page .1Project Submission Dates .2Assignment Details .3Project Report Structure: Part 1 .4Project Report Structure: Part 2 .9Part 3: Presentation 13Guidelines for the assignment 1433. Executive Summary (1 mark).iHerb is amongst the top global retailer company in e-commerce, which has focused onproviding and producing excellent wellness and nutritional products selection for morethan twenty-five years (Selivanova, 2019). The retailer company provides the bestavailable natural products value primarily through efficient and innovative supply chainprocedures. Factually, the organization has more than 30,000 products that are shipped todifferent nations, approximately 185 countries (Selivanova, 2019). Notably, theadministrative team has an outspoken commitment sense and shows a lot of pride in whatthey do. Markedly, this characteristic has enabled the organization to grow, despite thecurrent pandemic. It is worth noting that iHerb has witnessed rapid growth through itsonline distribution of various health products and nutritional supplements. This isattributed to the organization being among the top product selections and enjoyingdistributing its products globally.Regardless of such a privileged, the company is still looking for ways of becoming thebest in the field of producing and distributing healthy products and nutritionalsupplements, particularly in matters of convenience, reliability, price, and quality(Selivanova, 2019). Importantly, technology has been the mother of growth for almostall companies, especially in the sector of health products and nutritional supplements. Inthis line, iHerb has not been left behind since it has embarked on modern and currenttechnology, which has primarily played a vital role in enhancing and advancing theconsumers experience as well as streamlining different operations as defined in theorganizations mission statement. The statement states that the company is focused ongiving the overall most improved and best natural products value primarily through esimplicity. Similarly, iHerb, through improved technology, delivers fulfillment centersand enhanced e-Commerce platforms, specifically in Kentucky and California(Selivanova, 2019). Following the technological advancement acquired by theorganization, customers have been enjoying correct stock information, easy re-ordering,and the capability of easily browsing more than 35,000 products from the various leadingmanufacturers (Selivanova, 2019).Nonetheless, the company has been faced various challenges, just like any otherorganization in the field of healthy products and nutritional supplements. For instance, toensure that the firm keeps pace with rapid growth, it requires a quick and fast upgrade in4the IT infrastructure. This is because the freshly developed warehouse management andorder solution has been maintaining the growth pace of the company; however, that isnot enough, especially the company s ERP systems, which have been constantly strained.Besides, integration mainly between the company s financial systems, inventory, and anorder has been inadequate when meeting the rising consumer needs. Moreover, thecompany s executives require improved financial information and timely reports.Likewise, there has been an inadequacy in operational efficiency, which was witnessedby the elimination of double order system information origin, financial system reentering, and manual entry. Generally, through the started ERP system upgrade, the firmrealized the requirement for cross-project management and improved communications,especially in internal teams such as executive, finance, and IT holders.Regardless of these challenges, iHerb has adopted spring2 Technologies that have sincethen adopted a leadership responsibility, particularly to help the company customize,integrate, implement NetSuite ERP solutions (Selivanova, 2019). This move has broughtup substantial results, such as providing general project management, like weekly statusmeetings and status reports. Besides, the results include working on resource constraintsthat help in prioritizing and facilitating results through defined priorities and goals forhuge projects.4.Organizational Profile (1.5 marks).iHerb. Com is a well-recognized retail company dealing with dry foods, vitamins, sportsnutrition, natural remedies and supplements, and environmentally-friendly goods (Abdelazim etal.,2021). Markedly, this organization is located in the United States, Irvine, and was started in1996. The firm has approximately an employee and revenue range of about 500-1001 and $ 501to $ 1001 million, respectively. Notably, the company has since then remained vigilant in itsoperations for maintaining an expansive range of about 30,000 online goods for the consumers(Abdelazim et al.,2021). This is achieved through the continued expansion and innovation,focused on adding more distribution locations globally. The vision of the company is beingdominant in wellness and health in the global brand and giving the best on their available naturalproducts value, they provide, under the highest convenient experience. Significantly, thecompany strives for an innovation target of giving the best values to all consumers through themost suitable manner as they change the online experience in shopping. Continuously, the firm5is evolving hence defining itself in a unique idea of being incredible and united, hence havinginfinite growth potential. Working in technologically advanced industry, iHerb has been strivingto be dominant in the global market while acknowledging that team collaborative efforts andapproaches are paramount for overall success. Notably, the purpose of the company is toempower individuals in enhancing well-being, happiness, and health. The vision is offering theconsumers the best available earth s natural products at the most suitable possible value anddelivered in the most appropriate experience. The values of the company are embracinginclusion and diversity, focusing on the consumer, being a pivot and being quick entrepreneurial,striving for simplicity, and overly empowering people.5. Strategies (3 marks).At iHerb company, there are various competitive advantages; types such as thecompany s basic information, the competitive intelligence, category trend, andadvertisement network analysis. To start with, the company s basic information is acompetitive advantage strategy whereby the information presented about the organizationis unique from other similar companies, whereby the logo has a touch of what thecompany produces. Equally, the competitive intelligence of the firm is another strategywhereby it is the most crucial marketing part of the organization. This is achieved by thestakeholders taking time to fully understand the market situation and the situation of themarketers, then make clear judgments. The company uses different tools beforeadvertising, for Example, SocialPeta, for checking competitors ads details (Chychkalo etal.,2021). Similarly, category trend is another competitive advantage strategy wherebythe company has various creatives, attained by primarily analyzing the ads creativecategory trend in the past. These creatives include the video proportion category, Htmlproportion category, playable proportion category, carousel proportion category, andimage proportion category. Lastly, advertisement network analysis is another strategywhereby the SocialPeta network monitored covers almost every global mainstreamchannel (Chychkalo et al.,2021). This is achieved by acknowledging the variouscompetitor advertising platforms, then using the available advertising trends.Markedly, the most suitable competitive advantage strategy for improving the company sperformance is competitive intelligence. This can be attained by having a long-termaccumulation and constantly checking the current data and trends (Chychkalo et6al.,2021). Besides, by using this strategy tools such as SocialPeta and Guangdada, thecompany will be able to improve its ROI and have more fans from the competitors.Hint: You can discuss any points that you learned in this course and its related to your selectedorganization6. Technology Involved (4 marks).How is the organization set up in terms of its IT infrastructure? Discuss the hardware,software, telecommunication, information security, networks, and other elements.iHerb has adopted the Spring2 infrastructure technologies that have played a leadingrole in helping the stakeholders customize, integrate, and implement NetSuite ERPsolutions (Jullien, 2020). This has consequently resulted in providing general projectmanagement such as every week status meetings and status reports. Besides, it hasenabled working in resource constraints to help facilitate and prioritize results throughdefined priorities and goals for huge Projects and then break the Project into stages forhigher efficiency and quick ROI (Jullien, 2020). Moreover, the company hascompletely integrated NetSuite that has an in-house warehouse and sales managementplatform. Additionally, it has a customized purchasing NetSuite module for matchingiHerb s procurement method. Again, the company has implemented fixed NetSuiteasset modules. Likewise, it has developed custom NetSuite dashboards for anadvanced iHerb s executive visibility operations. Lastly, the company has developedPO automated workflows in NetSuite, such as those based on amounts, whereby thePO is located at the CEO, CFO, or accounting managerHint: You can discuss any points that you learned in this course and its related to yoursel

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