(Mt) – University of New Haven Emotional Outrage vs Objective Risk Discussion

Unformatted Preview Discussion Board: Sandman video on Risk vs Outrage Prompt After reviewing the Sandman video, provide your analytical annotation indicating the key concepts you find. View the Sandman Video Risk vs Outrage (Links to an external site.) while actively taking notes (you may need to watch portions three times). Review your notes and identify the major themes he suggests. Can you identify with the themes of emotional outrage vs. objective risk assessment? Do any of our current world events match his discourse? Michael Kerr The job of risk communication when the hazard is low and the outrage is high is to reduce the outrage. The following advice is designed to help people cope empathetically with outraged stakeholders, where the stress is very high. 1. Listen: Dr. Sandman emphasises the importance of listening and allowing people to vent as a crucial first step. People want to tell you their story. Before you accomplish anything else you must listen to them vent. 2. Echo what you heard: Skillful echoing shows people that you have really heard what they have said. Dr. Sandman explains, Always start by reiterating their key points. This demonstrates that not only have you heard them, but clearly understand them. 3. Ask questions: Questioning is a good way to check your judgments are on target. The trick is to ask questions that open up the conversation rather than shutting it down. 4. Find things to agree with and points to add: Dr. Sandman calls this the yes, and strategy. Early in the relationship it s useful to voice some agreement and then take that point another step in a new direction. RISK VS OUTRAGE 2 5. Find things to voice reservations about: Establishing yourself as an authentic person whose views add value means showing you don t always agree. Rather than rebutting it can be good to use the yes, but strategy. (Gustas 2016) Trying to identify emotional outrage versus objective risk? As was discussed, about mortality and morbidity- You don t kill just make them sick. We can definitely use Covid 19 as a poster child. Let s face it, people are upset that thousands have died from the disease. The disease poses a serious risk for the elderly, and those with immune compromised systems. Residents of nursing homes and prisons have had their share of infections and deaths. The Risk is how bad is it or how likely is someone to contract the virus. We can try and reduce the outrage for Covid 19 by wearing masks, Social distancing, and washing our hands . I believe we have created a society that gets outraged very easily and want action immediately. People don t want to be told what to do, (wearing masks) as an example. Telling people to self-quarantine for 14 days seems like a fate worse than death, or having children go to school on-line for a semester or two. As the 2020 year begins to fade away and the hopes of a vaccine gives us an additional Risk. The shot (s) will be effective, the cost, who is going to be mandated to get them, etc, etc. Some of us older generation remember all the immunizations that were mandated and little or no complaints. In today s society taking a step in a new direction becomes outrage for many. We are moving forward with the Covid19 trials and testing, but hopefully someone doesn t pull Charlie Brown s football out from them . (Links to an external site.) Gustas, M. Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, November 15 2016 Laura Moran Major Themes of Sandman Presentation First, I want to say how relatable everything he said is. As I was listening to him speak I was thinking about how I ve seen what he s talking about play out in real life so many times. He really hits the nail on the head. As for the major themes: RISK VS OUTRAGE 3 Risk = Hazard + Outrage Hazard = mortality, destruction, financial cost of a disaster Outrage = how the public reacts to a specific event Perceived hazard is caused by public outrage Risk communication to the public is difficult because: o People resist information o Outrage increases when more information is presented In order for people to correctly perceive risk, outrage is the independent variable This lecture is extremely pertinent to what is occurring in the world right now. I think that we obviously see how risk is decreased when outrage is decreased. I think that with the current COVID pandemic, a lot of people have a low perceived risk which is what is decreasing general public outrage. It also seems that with a decrease in public outrage the hazard actually increases in this case and so does the overall risk. A few questions that I had were: What is the psychology behind why people react the way they do? Does it have something to do with herd mentality? What role does the media play in hazard perception? I m don t doubt that there are pros and cons to media involvement in disaster situations.

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