NURS 561 Week 4 Reducing Tobacco Use Among Adults Paper

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Reducing Tobacco Use Among AdultsNameInstitutional affiliationCourseTutorDate2Reducing Tobacco Use Among AdultsIntroductionTobacco use is one of the most significant challenges in the community. Whiletobacco use is common among young and old people alike, it is quite dominant among adults.While there is no immediate and clear reason why tobacco use is prominent in thecommunity, one may speculate that it is a hereditary problem. When one listens to storiesabout the community, there is evidence that the ancestors were heavy smokers, and perhapsthis is how the smoking habits were passed on from one generation to another. Anotherreason that could be blamed for the smoking behavior in the community is lack ofinformation on the dangers and harmful effects of smoking. Whiles some effort has beenmade to reduce the use of tobacco among adults in the community, the problem persists andthe situation calls for the adoption of alternative mechanisms to address the challenge.Tobacco use is not a unique challenge to the community. Data from the Center for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC) says that 20. 8% of adults in the United States, translating to50 million Americans, are using tobacco (CDC, 2020). The economic cost of tobacco use inthe United States is massive. A study revealed that the total economic cost of smoking in theUS is estimated at more than $300 billion a year. This includes nearly $170 billion in directmedical care for adults and more than $156 billion in lost productivity due to premature deathand exposure to second hand smoke (Hall & Doran, 2016). The social and economicramifications of tobacco use are so dire that there is an urgent need for stakeholders to seeksuitable mechanisms to address the challenge.3Advance practice roles and management strategies that affect change at the communitylevelBringing change at the community level is complex and requires proper planning andexecution. Both advance practice role and management strategies may be used to effectchang

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