NURS6021 Walden Emotional Intelligence Importance

Danny Lee RE: Discussion – Week 10COLLAPSENURS 6021: Leadership in Nursing and HealthcareWeek 10 DiscussionImportance of Emotional Intelligence We are beginning to see that the assembly line mentality of managerial orders is not conducive to quality of care in an ever-changing world. Emotional intelligent leaders are vital to a high level of job satisfaction and retention rates of staff in an organization (Trivella, Gerogiannis & Svarna, 2013). In the case of the given scenario, I believe it was wrong for the nurse s manager to reprimand the nurse for spending time with a dying patient. Maybe the nurse was late on charting or failed to do other administrative tasks, but the nurse exemplified what it means to be a nurse: to be present and to care for the patient, to be utterly human. A nurse s quality of care is not solely defined as how timely or accurate his chart is, it is ultimately defined by the level of empathy and compassion the nurse has towards his patients. I would rather take a nurse who has the respect and compassion to hold a dying patient s hand, rather than a nurse who refuses to do so because he is worried about charting over being present for a patient; charting can be taught, compassion and human empathy seems to be an innate skill, often not easily taught.Situation at Work I highlighted charting because my previous manager was so focused on charting, to a point where charting is all he cared about. There were multiple incidences where the floor was so busy with high turnover rates, numerous rapid response team calls, patient transport, and numerous total care patients that nurses were drowning in work. During an incredibly busy shift, a nurse may chart what he or she can, then often back charts after the end of the shift. I understand the importance of charting, but I do not believe charting is what defines a nurse. Compassion, empathy, and patient advocacy (to list some few traits) are what defines a nurse. Our manager, during the next morning rounds, had negative things to say about the previous shift. He highlighted the fact that the previous day shift nurses were behind on charting and missed important charting such as pain reassessment, timely admission charting, and boxing off treatments completed. He also mentioned that the 3rd floor (hospital level leadership) was seeing the late charting on our floor and that he was very disappointed with our lack of time management. At this moment, he lacked the general factors of personality to observe the previous day through an emotionally intelligent lens (Van der Linden, Tsaousis & Petrides, 2012). He lacked the self-awareness and empathy, both critical to emotional intelligence (Mindtools, n.d.), to see the previous day through the lens of the floor nurses. He lacked emotional intelligence and therefore degraded the floor s morale which directly affected the quality of care delivered to our patients.From a Floor Nurse s Perspective I saw first hand the degradation of morale a leader can have on a unit. If I was the leader in that situation, I would have assessed the bigger picture. I would have asked the charge nurse how yesterday was and tried to understand that the shift was filled with a high turnover rate of little over 100%, multiple rapid response team calls, multiple nurses being off the floor to transport patients and that one of the CNAs left the floor early shift because of an illness. Knowing all the factors of the previous shift, I would have concluded that indeed it was a busy shift with high-stress levels and lack of adequate staffing. During the next morning huddle, I would have praised the nurses for their excellent care and that I understood that the previous shift was a busy shift. I would have also thanked them for their work and to come to get me if they needed anything from me. I would have talked to 3rd-floor leadership and advocated for my staff, listing the high turnover rates, multiple rapid response team calls, numerous patient transportations, and having a team member down for the day. If the hospital leadership was to criticize the charting still, I would take the burden and criticism as a leader and would have continued to praise my staff. I would also highlight the importance of timely charting to my team, but that patient care always comes first. Lastly, I would have also made myself useful by doing the small things, such as: taking vitals, drawing labs, changing linens, and other tasks that would free up my nurses time, instead of just sitting in my office checking emails.Summary Emotional intelligent leaders affect the perceived job satisfaction and turnover rates of employees (Trivella, Gerogiannis & Svarna, 2013). The more emotionally intelligent a leader, the higher the job satisfaction and lower the turnover rates of staff (Trivella, Gerogiannis & Svarna, 2013). There is also a direct correlation between general personality of a leader with levels of emotional intelligence (Van der Linden, Tsaousis & Petrides, 2012). Emotional intelligence is an important skill a leader can develop by examining how one s actions affect others and growing the empathy for and listening to the staff members every day (Mindtools, n.d.).ReferencesMindtools. (n.d.). Emotional IntelligenceDeveloping Strong “People Skills”. Retrieved January 28, 2019, from P., Gerogiannis, V., & Svarna, S. (2013). Exploring Workplace Implications of Emotional Intelligence (WLEIS) in Hospitals: Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions.Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 73(27). 701 709.Van der Linden, D., Tsaousis, I., & Petrides, K. V. (2012). Overlap between General Factors of Personality in the Big Five, Giant Three, and trait emotional intelligence.Personality and Individual Differences, 53(3), 175 179.apa format discussion reply need 2 references. thank you.

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