Oxford University Economics Personal Statement

Hello, I am applying for Economics at Oxford University so I will need a professional ENL writer who specialises in Economics.(As i have paid extra).
I have already written my personal statement and have come to find out that the Economics aspect is not written professionally and that a lot of it does not make sense.
I have written 3 paragraphs and at around 3-5 books EXPLAINED with CONNNOTATIONS made and would like to stick with that, if you believe the paragraph(s)is not Oxford university standard please feel free to erase it and write one from scratch.(Hence have chosen re-writing and not editing which was nearly half the price)
Please embed extra-curricular activities as you go along, IT IS A UK PERSONAL STATEMENT NOT USA as I am living in the UK.
Please make the paragraphs related to the books and if you need to use another book instead please feel free to do so.
Paragraph 3, you will also need to have new examples of what i discussed as the examples did not match up to the content.
The Personal statement should 95% be focused on academics(economics). Please ensure this is a personal statement, which blows the admission officers mind and should be to a really high standard (above an average Oxford application).
Thank you very much for your time and I hope I get the best Economics Personal statement ever written, of course by amending mine.(Max 4000 characters-preferably 4000 characters INCLUDING SPACES)
Really appreciated
My personal statement is attached and below as well in case you cannot open the file but please use the file as it is better :
After visiting the polluted-stricken town in Pakistan, where my father had lived, I was struck by the aggravating climate change globally and the altruistic contributions made by the government. Reading Winstons government failure versus market failure not only envisaged the breadth of economical factors developing into a global phenomenon but equally made me keen to find why countries do not ban major contributors. For instance, fuelled cars account for 72% of road vehicle emissions and attribute to 100, 000 deaths annually, according to WHO, who are now encouraging the production of electric cars. An immediate ban on fuelled cars, with the absence of efficient substitutes, can indeed lead to economic losses due to excess expenditure on R&;D and infrastructures like charging ports or dedicated parking; potentially countervailing the economic benefits. However, governments are failing to rectify the market failures for fuelled cars, as green subsidies and increasing price of carbon do not holistically depict the social costs simply as it's a nebulous concept. I believe structured regulations in cities such as banning the vehicles emitting pollution beyond specified limits and decreasing investment in dirty technology when manufacturing fuelled engines should replenish and heal the plunder that we have wrought since the industrial revolution.
The Chinese century catalysed my interest in Economics. I delved deeper into how Chinas GDP per capita at purchasing power parity rose tenfold since 1990. In my independent research project, I came across the Heckscher-Ohlin model of international trade which supported the theory of comparative advantage proving Chinas specialisation and intensive use of factors of production in which it provides most endowments in allows the economy to thrive. For instance, Chinas land and labour-intensive industry benefits in resource extraction and manufacturing of goods, thus making it prominent in international trade. However, I recognized how inefficient trade led to regional inequality when reading Eliminating Poverty Through Development in China'. Researchers argued albeit globalization increases economic growth it also causes environmental damage and more cons, this was supported by the Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis which I encountered at an LSE masterclass. The hypothesis claimed there would be a long-run decline in terms of trade for cities dependant on primary commodities as eventually, import prices will overtake exports, as a result of demand increasing by a greater proportion than global incomes, leading to soaring prices. Therefore, I believe a moderate level of government intervention to regulate firms and encourage investment in technology for long-term sustainability is both desired and necessary, to keep demand inelastic and prevent a large increase in prices of primary commodities.
Attending Cambridge's Marshall conference on Behavioural and Experimental Economics intrigued me as I was eager to learn the emotional and cognitive factors on decisions made and the consequences for prevailing market prices and resource allocation. This incentivised me to read "Thinking Fast and Slow", where Kahneman plausibly argues that humans often think "fast" using heuristics which are mostly biased, leading to unintended and inconsistent decisions; while having the ability to think "slow", and act rationally. In particular, I enjoyed looking at Kahnemans input on the endowment effect where people tend to over-value their items, this was supported by loss aversions lack of willingness to trade.For example, Starbucks publicly acknowledges your presence by having your name on and called out for you to claim your property which gives you ownership of your product hence you value it more you, inclining your chances of a return for more of the same in the future, thus ownership anchoring allows Starbucks to be the largest chain of coffee shops in the world. However, as a prolific fundraiser for my local charity, I realised it wasn;t just the government that dealt with behavioural economics. When more substitutes entered the market, the demand for my cupcakes became elastic due to greater consumer choice making the market perfectly competitive. This supports Kahnemans system 2, as individuals have coherent interpretation and are not abiding by WYSIATI.

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