Persian Wars

Directions: You will choose one of the regions we have discussed this semester (Europe, Africa, the Near East, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, or the Americas) during a specific time-period studied (sometime between 3100 BC and 1650 AD). In other words, how did an aggressor s invasion and settlement transform a region. Please restate this section verbatim before your introduction.
In a six paragraph essay, no more and no less, you will discuss how invasion and settlement transform civilizations in world history. Your final essay will include: (introduction with bolded thesis, four supporting paragraphs dedicated to changes caused by the invasion to 1)-society, 2)-economics, 3)-politics, 4)-religious structures, and a conclusion. Please utilize these four criteria as subheadings within your paper.
Examples would be Europe and the Viking invasions, India and the Muslim conquests, China and the Mongol invasions, Spanish and the New World, etc. There are numerous other examples you can choose from as well.
The word count for this assignment should be between 1,200 and 1,500 narrative words (excluding citation and a bibliography). A minimum of four academic sources must be used. You may use our Berger or Lesson lectures as one source. Do not use both. No tertiary sources (encyclopedias, almanacs, etc) are allowed.
You may use APA, MLA, or Chicago-Turabian citation for this assignment. Please submit as a .doc or .rtf file.
What to Include in Your Submission
-Coversheet with assignment name, your name, professor name, date and institution. Paper should be double-spaced.
-Please restate the question verbatim before your response.
-Introduction and bolded thesis statement as last sentence of introduction paragraph. Thesis should state purpose of your paper.
-Four supporting paragraphs complete with topic sentences and accompanying citation (parenthetical, footnote or endnote consistent with a style manual). Please make certain you cite paraphrased information and direct quotes. Please utilize the terms Society, Economics, Politics, Religious Structures as subheadings in your paper.
-Please stay in academic third person in your writing (no use of I ). Do not use contractions as well (do not use can t or don t . Instead, use cannot or do not ).
-Appropriate historical detail and analysis that also includes dates for chronological context. Please include reign or life dates when introducing historical personalities and include bracket dates of civilizations when introducing to your reader.
-Finish with a conclusion revisiting your thesis statement and summarizing your paper.
-Minimum of four academic sources. You may use your textbook or lessons as one source. Do not use both. You may not use tertiary sources, especially encyclopedias.
-Submission includes a labeled Bibliography or Work Cited (depending on citation style used).
-File name saved as LastNameFirstNameClassNumberAssignmentName (example: SmithJohnHIST111Week5Paper). Please submit as a .doc. docx or .rtf file. No other formats are allowed.
Submission Checklist
Did you construct your essay using appropriate historical support (specifically book or peer-reviewed sources from our Online Library or other university, governmental, museum, or research websites)? Do not use Open Web Tertiary Sources to construct your responses (encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, factbooks, etc.). Please see Source Requirements and Restrictions under Content.
Did you cite your sources in the narrative of your essay using either parenthetical citation or footnote numbering?
If using parenthetical citation, are the author name(s) and page numbers included with text sources? Remember, Berber text has page numbers even though it is an E-Book.
If using online sources, is parenthetical citation in proper format?
If using footnotes or endnotes, are page numbers included with text sources?
If using citation, did you include a Bibliography or Work Cited with your essay? Is this Bibliography or Work Cited page in proper format to the style manual you are using?
Is the Bibliography/Work Cited page alphabetized and includes all relevant information depending on source type? Remember accessed date for online sources.
Tips on Research and Finding Good Sources:
Obviously, you need to view the site containing images of your work of art. You can use general websites for general information, but you must include at least THREE (3) scholarly works of history and can include books or journal articles.
How can I choose the best answers?
What does scholarly mean?
How do I identify scholarly books?
How do I find peer reviewed scholarly articles?
Ask a Librarian for help if you get stuck.
What is the best way to read a scholarly article?
How to save articles to read later.
Three parts of a history paper.
Writing a history paper.
Explore writing guidance @APUS
How do I paraphrase my sources correctly?
Why do I need to cite my

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