Principles Of Sociology Multiple Choice And T/F Questions

Please select the right answer for the following questions:1. The identity obtained by occupying culturally and socially defined positions is called:a. self b. status c. social identity d. personal identity2. ______ are rules within a particular social group concerning what actions and attitudes are appropriate. a. Collective prejudice b Social norms c. Socialization methods d. Recategorizations3. Role Strain occurs when: a. All roles are functioning b. All roles are balanced c. One or more roles are unable to fulfill complete role d. One role does not identify with the individual4. Social Status is the sum of: a. Roles b. Role Set c. Role Strain d. All the above5. Bureaucracies are developed when: a. Members of an organization show impartiality. b. Members of an organization fundraise c. Leaders of the organization develop a self-serving power group d. Leaders of the organization are not affiliated with the organization. 6. Which of the following is a type of subculture? a. political b. social class c. geographic d. occupational e. all of the above7. Oligarchy: a. Is Democratic b. Develops from self-serving small group of power c. Ideal bureaucracies that are no longer “ideal” d. Only exists in Indian tribal communities.8. Which of the following is not one of the elements of culture? a. beliefs b. rituals c. our imagination of how others judge our actions d. symbols9. Among adolescents, the socializing agent which has the strongest influence on teenagers is a. the family b. mass media c. the peer group d. school e. one’s religious group10. By the time we reach age eighteen, most of us will have spent more time _ than doing anything else. a. developing from secondary groups b. developing from primary groups c. watching television d. working on computers11. Which of the following is a characteristic of cooperation? a.1t can be characterized as a special-interest group b.1t is created to serve a specific purpose c.1t is when 2 or more people work together with the understanding of a common goal d. All of the above12. The difference between conflict and competition is: a. In conflict the rules are agreed upon by both parties b. In competition the rules are agreed upon by both parties c. There are no rules for either conflict or competition d. In conflict, there always is an official to determine the winner13. The main difference between exchange and cooperation is that a. cooperation is based on a shared goal b. relationships of exchange are voluntary c. cooperation has no material rewards d. exchange provides benefits for individuals only14. Your occupation, political affiliation, and education level are examples of a. A set of master statuses. b. Achieved statuses. c. A role set. d. Ascribed statusesTrue or False questions:15. T F Social Institutions are common among US culture.16. T F Culture is a blueprint for living in a particular society.17. T F Social organizations are designed to function within a society.18. T F Birth order is strictly used by ordinal numbers.19. T F A status may include a number of roles.20. T F Language is the primary vehicle that any society has for transmitting culture. 21. T F Siblings with 5-7 years between them are considered 2 different “families”. 22. T F Nomis set the boundaries of how people should and should not behave.23. T F According to Dr. Maniacchi, birth order is a psychological development that occurs from socialization of siblings.24. T F Nurture is the term social scientists use for describing the biologically patterns of complex behavior.25. T F As societies become more complex, the number of statuses increases.26. T F A critique of sociobiology has argued that culture is a far more important influence in the shaping of human behavior than genetics.27. T F Regardless of whether they interact with others, children will progress through the stages of learning necessary for socialization.28. T F A socialized group must have characteristics that identify its members, the groups must have ways of controlling groups behaviors, and the groups must have meetings or gatherings to discuss the commons goals of the group.29. T F Primary groups tend to be more tolerant of members’ deviant behavior than secondary groups.30. T F `The looking-glass self is based on our interpretation of how other persons see and evaluate our selvesThese answers must be answered in less than 12

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