PSU Housing Problems Among the Vulnerable Population Are Peer Review

Step 1: Read your partner’s three questions. Then, with these in mind, read the outline all the way through. Engage with the text earnestly so that you can respond as an active representative of the generous, genuine audience for your peer s work.Step 2: Respond to the following prompts:Describe the problem you see your peer author focusing on. What rhetorical strategies does the author use to make the problem feel urgent and important?Identify the solution statement(s) in your peer s paper. Of the five argument criteria (causality, coverage, cost/benefit, feasibility, comparison), which ones have your partner chosen to focus on?Do the sources seem to support the argument criteria? Think about organization. Do your partner’s criteria seem interchangeable (in other words, could you move them into a different order without changing much)? Or do they seem contingent on each other (or in other words, do they build into what looks like it will be a cohesive argument)?At this stage, how do you think the the solution be implemented, according to your peer author? What are the costs of the solution (monetary and non-monetary)?Is it clear to you that the solution s benefits will outweigh the costs?How does the author know the solution will work? (Does (s)he describe analogous contexts wherein a similar solution has worked? Does (s)he link the solution to the root causes of the problem? Does (s)he discuss the coverage area of the solution, and is it sufficiently large to make a difference to the problem? Does (s)he describe the metrics for success (how we will know that the solution is working)? Does (s)he compare his/her solution to other possible solutions and explain why that solution is better than the others?How does your author address counterarguments? Do(es) the counterargument(s) seem realistic, earnest, and plausible? Is the opposition well-represented? Does the author effectively deal with the counterarguments presented by acknowledging, rebutting, or resolving the concerns?) Step 3: Address your partner’s three specific questions.

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