Recommended City for Selection Memorandum

TO: Name of Recipient, Title
FROM: Name of Writer, Title
DATE: February 15, 2012 (or 15 February 2012)
SUBJECT: A brief description of the contents of the memorandum
After skipping one line, the memorandum writer begins block paragraphs which have no
indentation and are single-spaced. The first paragraph should explain the subject of the
memorandum. Between paragraphs one extra blank line is inserted.
All paragraphs are single-spaced and have no indentation. Take note of the way the heading is
formatted and do likewise for all memoranda that you write. At the end of the memorandum
there is no closing or signature because the writer s name is in the heading. If you have other
deliverables (documents, pictures, or charts) to send with the memorandum, then you will add
the word Attachment after the text and a skipped line; it should be flush with the left margin.
If you are sending only the memorandum, then do not include the word Attachment at the end
of the memorandum.
If the memorandum is lengthy headings should be used to separate the various sections of the
Attachment (if you are including other documents)
Format for a Memorandum
Normally used for intra-organizational communication
For best results limit yourself to a single topic per memorandum in order to focus
the recipient s attention.
See Handout page
Align the heading inserts
o Heading section is normally double spaced
Descriptive subject line. Include any code numbers or file numbers.
Body of the memorandum is single spaced with a blank line between paragraphs.
Left justification, not full justification, for ease of reading.
First paragraph always tells the reader what this memorandum is about.
Reference previous communication about the topic. You need to get the
recipient s mind on the topic of your memorandum. Set the stage.
o Our conversation August where I stated I thought we could purchase an
antique red fire engine to park in front of our store to attract attention of
the public.
o Enclosed for your review is the September 2012 sales data.
Use as many paragraphs as necessary to develop your message, but no more
than necessary.
Last paragraph typically either summarizes the message or lists action items.
If one page, or more, consider headings.
Use tables, charts, and illustrations as inserts if it helps to deliver the message.
No Dear Mr. Jones
No Sincerely yours
Formality of the letter will be dictated by how well you know the recipient and who
else might read the memo.
When you join a new organization you must learn the customary format used in
that organization. Sloane Financial Planners M E M O R A N D U M To: Assistant Manager, Travel From: Wendy Takeoff, Manager – Travel Department Date: March 5, 2018 Subject: Travel input for the site location of our new regional office Thank you very much for the air travel data you provided me last month concerning the site selection for the location of our new eastern regional office. The Site Selection Committee was very appreciative of your work. Mr. George Sloane, chairman of the Site Selection Committee, has asked me to submit a memorandum to the committee with our recommendations for the city to be selected. Our recommendations are to be based on the city which we determine would be the best city from the point of view of air travel between Houston and the selected city. Obviously, air travel will be only one of the criteria to be considered by the Committee, but it will be an important criterion. The committee wants to be sure that travel costs can be kept under control. Please write a memorandum for my signature analyzing the data we have developed. The memorandum needs to present our recommendation for which of the three cities should be selected for our regional office. We need a well thought-out presentation of our analysis with clear justification for our decision. For purposes of this analysis, and based on past experience, our preferred airport will be Houston Bush Intercontinental (IAH), and our preferred city will be Charlotte (CLT).About 50 percent of the tickets will be purchased for immediate travel (walk up) and the remainder will be advanced purchases (tickets purchased two weeks or more prior to travel) nonstop fares only. I have selected some key data from your report, and from the reports of others, and I am enclosing a table, below, with a revised copy of the fares and on-time arrivals.Please use these figures for your memorandum. The memorandum should be addressed to Mr. George Sloane, chairman of the Site Selection Committee. As you know, Mr. Sloane is the son of our CEO and is also sole heir to the majority of the stock in Sloane Financial Planners. It is important for both you and me that we put our best effort into this memorandum, both in analytical expertise and in a professional looking document. I am sorry to dump this on you, but I will out of town on vacation, with limited access to email.I will not be free until late at night on Sunday, March 11, and Mr. Sloane wants to present the memorandum to the Committee at a 9:00 A.M. meeting they have scheduled on Monday, March 12. I know you will do a great job! I will need this memorandum no later than 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, March 11, 2018. On time Arrivals at, and Average Fares to, Selected Airports. ATL CLT PHL On time Arrival 80.63% 82.97% 88.64% Immediate Travel Fare $502.00 $437.80 $1,058.30 Advanced Purchase Fare $330.60 $384.80 $966.30 Based on data compiled by Wendy Takeoff – February 2018.

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