Scheme: Wiki Project Paper

language: Scheme.Instructions:Prepare a Wikipedia-style article on Scheme programming
language. Include the following sections. Note that these questions are
intended to get you started, not an exhaustive list.OVERVIEW: What kind of language is it? Where and when was it
written? Why? What is/was the language primarily used for? What are its
most notable features? Did this language mark the first appearance of
some language feature? This section is a brief summary providing a
high-level summary of the language.HISTORY: Here you’ll discuss in more detail the origins of the
language. What were the primary design features? What were the goals?
What was the design process? What need was it intended to address? How
does this language differ from what came before it? What changes were
made from ancestor languages, if there were any? How widely was it used,
and in what areas? Is the language still in use? Why (or why not)? Were
parts of it adopted into other languages, or did it become a dead end?
Why? Basically talk about why someone thought this language was needed,
what went into it, and how it worked out. FEATURES: Describe the language in some detail. At the very least,
discuss what native data types are available, and what control
structures are available. Classify the language based on the various
criteria we’ve been discussing (imperative, object-oriented, functional,
declarative, etc). Is it strongly or weakly typed? Is typing static or
dynamic? How is iteration handled? What about selection? Or are they
(some languages don’t have iteration constructs)? What features does it
support? Where does the language really shine? What are its biggest
drawbacks? For this section, you can assume that your reader is
technically literate (e.g. an upper-level computer science
undergraduate) who’s not necessarily knowledgeable about this specific
language. If the language has some arcane features, explain them, but
it’s not necessary to explain what a compiler is. Evaluate the language on the criteria discussed in chapter 1 and the
material from Sebesta: How readable is the language? How writeable? How
reliable? Is it highly orthogonal? How expressive? How well does it
support abstraction? How does its execution speed compare to other
languages of the same era? Support your positions on these issues.EXAMPLES: Provide a sample of what code in the language looks like,
using some simple, well-known algorithm. Adding items in a list, sorting
a numeric list, or converting a string to all lower-case would be
examples. Provide something big enough to give a taste of what the
language is like. (If sorting a list is a one-line function call, you
might want to pick something else, or perhaps show how to
explicitly/manually sort a list instead.) If a language is strongly
associated with a particular IDE or development environment, you may
want to include a screenshot or two.FURTHER READING: Provide a list of resources you used in assembling
your report or where the reader could find more information about that
language. You should have at least 5 references other than your textbook
or other class materials. You may list no more than 1 Wikipedia article
in this section. You should link to other pages in the wiki as appropriate. You are
also responsible for making at least 2 entries on the Timeline page.——- PLEASE read the instructions carefully. If you need any more information, please let me know ASAP. Also make it WELL-ORGANIZED and CLEAR.For the “Evaluate the language on the criteria discussed in chapter 1” Part, you may find chapter one on this link: NO PLAGIARISM :(the attached file is a sample. might be helpful to do the work and organize it.

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