Three Connection 3D Movies

Choose two prompts and connect it to the chapter that is attached: about half a page/ one full paragraphQuantity: 2 or 3 posts combining for a total of about a page of contentQuality: relevance to chapter material and use of text content increases point valuePrompts: Since the most common form of colorblindness is red-green (cannot distinguish red from green) and is present mainly in males (about 10% of men), how can they drive safely at stoplights?How do 3D movies work? [Hint in text module 3.5] What 3D movies have you seen? Is the effect convincing?Who has eaten the most unusual food? Was your reaction more do to genetic taste sensitivities or cultural background?A tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it. Will there be a sound? Can you explain the color “red” to someone who has been blind since birth?What do visual illusions tell us about perception?Research indicates women are attracted to men whose pheromone odors suggest a dissimilar immune system from their own. Children of such parental pairings benefit with better health. However, hormonal birth control interferes with this natural tendency possibly influencing those women to chose an incompatible partner. Comments?You are an artist! Describe how you would use depth cues to add depth on a flat canvas?Do you believe in ESP? Have you had an experience that could not be explained by causal factors or coincidence?

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