Week 3 Children With Disabilities Qualitative Method Research Paper Help

Major Assignment 1: Developing a Research Topic for a Qualitative Study For this week, you will submit Parts 1, 2, and the Annotated Bibliography of your Major Assignment 1 to your Instructor to receive feedback. To prepare for this Assignment: Finalize your Parts 1, 2, and the Annotated Bibliography of your Major Assignment 1. Submit Parts 1, 2, and your Annotated Bibliography section of your Major Assignment 1. This is the first major paper of the course. It is the aggregation of all of the weekly papers you have been preparing in draft form during weeks 1, 2, and 3. Be sure it uses the heading and subheading structure that was indicated in the Week One announcements, and is repeated for you below. Papers will be returned ungraded without this structure. Helpful Tip – you might want to use the below as a checklist to compare your work to these expectations, as I will be using this same form combined with the rubrics to assess your work. Essentially, you should ‘pre-assess’ your paper, as if you were the instructor, before you submit it. MAJOR ASSIGNMENT #1: Developing a Research Topic for a Qualitative Study NOTE 1: This is all about your proposed research study. NOTE 2: All items below should include cited info from the readings, as well as relevant information related to your particular study NOTE 3: You must have an approved research question from the Week 3 discussion forum in order to proceed. Please check the Week 3 forum to see if I approved your RQ or asked for additional revisions. Papers that do not have an approved Week RQ will not be graded. Continue to post all week 3 revision requests in the week 3 forum until I have indicated that you are ready to proceed. Here are the required Major Assignment #1 headings Title Page (no heading required; on a separate page) Problem Statement (1 – 2 paragraphs) Key Findings Summary (3 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles)(this is not a references list and it is not the bibliography) Gap (discuss the gap that you propose to explore; cite the source that indicates that there is a gap) Purpose Statement (align to the problem statement; use qualitative phrasing)Purpose
Statement: The purpose of this study is to understand adults who were
disabled children with disabilities experience parental resistance when
engaging in sports-related activities. Obtaining this information may
develop appropriate opportunities for children with disabilities
throughout their life course. Justification Phenomena Fit Relevance Bias Setting Research Question (your approved RQ from week 3; must align exactly with the purpose statement; use qualitative phrasing)The Research
Question: What is it like for adults who were disabled children
experience parental resistance when desiring to engage in sports-related
activities?PART 2 Annotated Bibliography (NOTE: a bibliography is not the same thing as a references list, nor is the same as the Key Findings section of this paper. See the course resources on how to compose a bibliography.) *** See the Week Two announcement for the bibliography subheadings that you will need to use. There are three subheadings to be used for each article *** Bibliography (includes all cited sources used in this paper as well as sources you have identified so far for this project. They must come frompeer-reviewed scholarly articles. Here are the required headings and subheadings for the annotated bibliography: Bibliography Article 1 (the full reference, APA formatted) Summary (one paragraph summary of key findings relevant to your topic) Assessment (address the research study s methodology, thoroughness, any limitations, and any concerns Credibility (address credentials of the authors and the publisher) Article 2 (the full reference, APA formatted) Summary (one paragraph summary of key findings relevant to your topic) Assessment (address the research study s methodology, thoroughness, any limitations, and any concerns Credibility (address credentials of the authors and the publisher) continue this bibliography format for each article to be used, and keep updating it each week as you discover additional sources. A minimum of three is required. WRITING FORMAT AND STYLE Use APA guidelines one inch margins separate title page separate references page Times New Roman, 12 pt font Bold Headings (left or center aligned will be fine) References are also double-spaced, each line of each reference Page numbers No abstract No Running Head Paragraphs minimum of four substantive and relevant sentences (minimum does not mean ‘distinguished work’; it means ‘average work’) Voice do not use first or second person voice; maintain a professional third-person tone (e.g. instead of saying My topic is say The topic is ) Length – minimum of eight pages of content, but this will earn a basic score. More than nine will indicate more substance, more research, and more critical assessment, thus earning higher scores.

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