What is the Difference Between an Expository Essay and Argumentative Essay?

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Argumentative Essay: 5 Parts You Need to Know
When you get right down to it, a good argument is nothing but a numbers game where theres a winner and a loser, based on how many people are persuaded by the argument. An argumentative essay is designed to teach students how to present their claims to an audience confidently. The essay contains some arguments to back up the views taken by the author, including evidence taken from literary sources and credible research.
What is the Difference Between an Expository Essay and Argumentative Essay?
Before diving into the parts of an argumentative essay, its worth looking at what makes these essays unique;
The critical difference between the two kinds of essays is that expository essays only contain information about the topic. These essays look at different topics and explain them. Argumentative essays, on the other hand, contain facts, statistics, and the personal opinions and ideas of the author behind the piece.
Another big difference between the two essay types is that expository essays offer a balanced view of a subject. An argumentative essay can be subjective and unbiased. Argumentative essays tend to use the first-person perspective, with phrases such as In my opinion and I dont agree with this view because while expository essays are always written in third-person.
It is worth noting that argumentative essays can contain elements of expository essays. Argumentative essays also include information and explanations like an expository essay.
Last but not least, the two essay types vary in how they start. The opening sentence of an argumentative essay includes the argument, while the opening line for expository essays provides an introduction to the topic in question.
The 5 Parts of Argumentative Essay
The five elements on an argumentative essay are the introductory paragraph, which includes a clear thesis, three body paragraphs with detailed evidence that explains the topic, and a compelling conclusion that ties it all together. Students should move between the paragraphs and arguments by using transitional words and phrases to keep things flowing smoothly.
Well-Structured Thesis
The argumentative essay begins with an introduction to the argument. The introduction explains why the reader should be interested in and convince them to keep reading. Argumentative essays tend to be relatively short, so you have to be quick and concise. Get to the point and grab attention as soon as possible.
Start the introduction with a constructed and concise thesis statement that explains the argument youll be presenting. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction. If your argument is about a literary work, then be sure to include the name of the literary work and the author. If you are arguing an issue or theory, then incorporate some background information to explain how relevant the information is.
Supporting Body Paragraphs
The essay includes three body paragraphs that support the claims of the thesis. These paragraphs should be unique in content but still unified to create an overall essay. If your argument is that standardized tests arent an accurate representation of problem-solving capabilities or academic strength, for example, then you could include a paragraph about the shortcomings of the SATs. Another paragraph could explain how standardized tests dont correctly showcase academic abilities and skills. The third could look into why some students have a great understanding of the material but have trouble with timed standardized tests.
The paragraphs should include a topic sentence that explains the objective of the body paragraph. Include specific examples from reliable sources like peer reviews, academic journals, and professional commentaries. Choose examples that support your argument for the essay.
Counter Arguments
Be sure to touch on counterarguments during the body of the essay. Treat these opposing views with the courtesy and respect that they deserve, but offer an explanation for how those arguments dont hold water compared to yours.
Persuasive Conclusion
Finish things off with a compelling conclusion to bring the argument to a close. The conclusion is not a place to introduce some new information to the essay. This is where you explain how the evidence supports the argument and how your thesis is justified, credible, and logical.
A good essay conclusion leaves a lasting impression on readers. The essay challenges readers to think about the viewpoints of your argument. Make sure to include persuasive and passionate languages in the final remarks of the essay.
Transitional Phrases
Transitional words and phrases should be included across all five paragraphs of the essay. The paper can appear short and choppy without these phrases. Choose words and phrases like on the same note, similarly, in support of, provided that, all things considered, and the like. These phrases create continuity and flow in the finished essay and make it easier for people to read and absorb the essay.
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