Which of the statements below is NOT one of the

1. Divorce can represent a dramatic stressor for those in early adulthood or those negotiating any stage of the life span. Hetherington offered a model to understand how different people cope and respond to divorce. The type of coping methods utilized has a great deal to do with how healthy, emotionally and physically, the person is when emerging from the divorce. Following a divorce, Randy frequently went to bars and singles events to find people to have casual sex with. He was not looking for a romantic relationship of any kind, but he was rather looking to find as much sexual contact as he could following his divorce. After about 10-12 months of successfully pursuing many partners, he became dissatisfied with this life and longed for a more supportive and stable romantic relationship. What pathway is best described in this example?a. Enhancerb. Good enoughc. Seekerd. Libertinee. Competent lonerf. Defeated 2. Which of the statements below is NOT one of the major things that Marital and Family Therapist John Gottman recommended that couples pursue in order to make their marriages last?a. Compliment your partner. Try to point out what they do right, even if you occasionally point out what they do wrong.b. Open up to your partner. Share your emotions with them. Establish love mapsc. Reduce gridlock by giving in once in a while. Winning every tiny argument might end up with you losing your marriage!d. Create detailed lists for your partner to do each week. Grade them on how well they successfully complete tasks. 3. Melissa, who is in the early adulthood phase of development, is interested in politics. She watched former President Donald Trump speak last night at a rally. In watching the speech, Melissa began to wonder whether Trump was telling the truth. She questioned whether his facial expressions and body language suggested deception. In fact, Melissa started examining some of President Trump s prior speeches to better determine if he offers consistent ideas across different speeches he delivers. What type of post-formal thinking is Melissa engaging in?a. Realisticb. Provisionalc. Relativisticd. Angry 4. It would be so weird to go to the mall and see Dr. J walking around with a smoking hot partner on his arm. Imagine it!!! Wouldn t it be weird if you saw Dr. J smooching someone who was extremely physically attractive like Kim Kardashian West? In fact, whenever we see romantic couples who differ dramatically in their levels of attractiveness, we notice the difference and wonder why they are together. What theory best explains our reactions to these situations?a. Consensual validationb. Fatalistic friendshipc. Matching hypothesisd. Similarity 5. True or False. The percentage of people who live with their romantic partner before marriage has increased dramatically in the last 50 years.a. Trueb. Fal

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