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Efforts week 3 discussion 1(Da)

To fully
understand what kinds of investigative efforts are being made by police to
address real-world problems, select two individual problem solving guides from
the Center for
Problem-Oriented Policing | Problem Guides and assess what police are using to succeed in their
investigative and problem-solving efforts. Summarize then analyze both of the
problem guides you selected, focusing on the positive aspects of the research.
How can this information be utilized and applied in a law enforcement agency?
Our post the individuals response, need bad and good of post
list references
The two choices made are Burglary of
Single-Family Houses and Shoplifting. These are significant problems in
Lamar Colorado. The application of Problem Oriented Policing efforts will
assist Lamar Police Department with criminal analysis and crime detection,
prevention, and conclusions in the future.
Burglary of Single-Family Houses
identifies several aspects that should trigger interest in the
department. The first aspect discussed is the time of day (Weisel,
2002). Lamar Police has recently identified that most burglaries are
occurring during daylight hours when homeowners or residents are gone to
work. It has not been identified yet whether these are single parent
homes which might lead to another aspect of the burglar. When an officer
or suspect looks around a neighborhood it is not hard to tell which houses are
empty, especially if there is no garage or if the garage happens to be
open. This was discussed in Lamar Police recently. It was suggested
that anyone spending any limited amount of time within a neighborhood would
quickly realize which houses no residents there at certain times. My
neighbor leaves her garage door open only when she is away from the
residence. It is closed when she is home. This is a strong
indicator for anyone looking for a target to hit it when the garage door is
The second aspect is the type of
target being hit. This is limited to single-family houses as the title
suggests. So the particularities of these houses is discussed. The
points of access and egress is suggested as a problem area and should be
addressed by police with homeowners so they understand that limited lines of
sight or obstructions can provide access to the residence (Weisel,
2002). When a burglar sees a target that has a hidden door or an open
door, this provides them with an idea of an easy target.
The third aspect discussed and
analyzed is the burglar. It is suggested that a lot can be determined by the
type of scene chosen, the point of entry, and the items taken in the
burglary (Weisel, 2002). This can determine a profile and method of
operation for a particular burglar.
When all of these issues are
identified the police use this to assist them with identifying the type of
perpetrator and the reasons for the burglary. The police then provide
this information to either those in the area or the entire city as a form of
deterrence (Weisel, 2002). This deterrence can be measured for
effectiveness and a determination can be made as to the next steps needed.
Many responses are suggested that
can be measured. These steps increase the knowledge of the city and the
police department as well as making burglary a harder process. This is
the way a target is hardened (Weisel, 2002). These steps empower
the citizens while increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement.
This guide identifies the goals of
thieves in regards to what the overall objective is when completing the
thefts. This guide goes on to suggest the analysis of the locations to
see what is being stolen and how business is usually completed as well as
staffing issues (Clarke & Petrossian, 2013). Again one must
determine locations and times of activity to assist with deterrence.
Law enforcement should set goals and
use the guidelines to determine effectiveness of these programs (Clarke
& Petrossian, 2013). The guidelines again empower the victims and
those that could be victims in order to assist officers with deterring
It has been suggested in Lamar
Colorado that the store staff remove obstructions from the windows in order for
police to be able to see the customer and clerk while on patrol. The
ability of the clerk to see down all aisles from the register location is
important and has been a deterrent. The Lamar Police has also been trespassing
thieves from the stores where the shoplifting has occurred. This results
in a burglary charge on the next shoplifting incident by this suspect.
This has been an effective law enforcement deterrent. Anti-theft devices
and in-store security video has also been a deterrent. Even fake cameras
are a deterring factor is this remains secure information.
All of these suggested guidelines
can empower the potential victim while hardening targets and providing good
evidence regarding the crime. This evidence can be used by police to
assist with prosecution of the case. Irrefutable physical evidence is
crucial to a successful prosecution (Peak, 2012).
R. V., & Petrossian, G. (2013, April). Shoplifting. Retrieved from
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services:
K. J. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices. Upper
Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.
D. L. (2002, July 25). Burglary of Single-Family Houses. Retrieved from
Office of Community Oriented Policing Servies:

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