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and Evaluation in the Police Department
are the characteristics of today s productive police department?
Describe how evaluation criteria
employed in the traditional policing model, such as crime rates, clearance
rates, and response times, have been problematic when applied to the community
oriented policing and problem solving strategy. Provide at least two solutions
to this.
Individuals response Dave: Productivity is generally the term
used to show the amount of work produced by an employee. Our textbook
refers to how well the police provide services to the citizens. (Gaines,
Glensor, & Peak, 2010, p. 165)
The change from traditional policing is that policing is
viewed as a service to citizens and statistics or a numerical measurement is
not an effective tool in equating a perception. The measurement of
effective policing is perceptual in that the citizens can have all of their
concerns addressed and still feel or perceive that the cop was rude and does
not care about them or their neighborhood. This perception is the equity
involved in the community policing style. The citizens should feel as though
the police officer addressed them and their concerns with care, compassion, and
The citizens also want to know that their concerns are being
addressed. This community policing aspect is addressed in the
accountability aspect. In community policing, the police need to address
problems suggested by the citizens that will help them feel safer or more
important. The fact is that police departments write protect and serve on
the side of the police car, they should believe that the purpose has been prescribed.
Policing is not all about that big arrest warrant, but is more about the
activities, cares, and concerns of those who live and breathe in our
neighborhoods. We must meet the expectations of the public (Gaines,
Glensor, & Peak, 2010).
Traditional policing assumes that as long as the officers can
be shown to be productive, efficiency and effectiveness automatically
follow (Gaines & Worrall, Police Administration, 2012, p. 382).
The focus in community policing is the actual problem and solution rather than
numbers generated.
Efficiency is a traditional measure of the police department
and can be related by the regular arrest, contact, or call response
numbers. But, the true measurement in policing is the study of the entire
picture. The costs accrued and the resources consumed or utilized during
the project resolution. To truly measure the efficiency of a policing
event, all of the resources should be accounted for and related to show total
cost to the department and citizens (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, Police
Supervision and Management: In an Era of Community Policing, 2010). This
adds to the accountability measure in the police department that relates to
community policing.
Effectiveness is a measurement of the specific task
completed. This aspect of policing relates to the proper supervision and
the establishment of goals and strategies used to accomplish those
goals (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, Police Supervision and Management: In
an Era of Community Policing, 2010). This is another measure in the accountability
of policing. The supervisor must ask themselves what goals need to be
met, how they will be met, and whether they were met or how close they
came? This is somewhat like the S.A.R.A. system of problem solving.

In community policing the perceptions of the public are
considered ahead of the statistical numbering system. In traditional
policing, as long as the numbers were down, the public should be happy and feel
safe. In community policing the numbers do not matter if the elements that make
the citizen feel scared or insecure are not related in traditional policing
numbers (Gaines & Worrall, Police Administration, 2012). Many
aspects of crime are related and the reporting methods should be developed to
support the problems in those particular neighborhoods. This provides
documentation for the non-traditional crimes and also shows what is being done
to resolve them. This can be developed utilizing a citizen survey that
helps the citizen relate their concerns to the police department (Gaines,
Glensor, & Peak, Police Supervision and Management: In an Era of Community
Policing, 2010).
Strategic planning is used in community policing to develop
programs, program objectives, action plans, and goals based on the department s
mission statement (Gaines, Glensor, & Peak, Police Supervision and
Management: In an Era of Community Policing, 2010). This addresses
concerns for the department and guides their efforts through establishment of
the goals through the mission statement. The goals, objectives, programs,
and action plans should be based on the community represented as well as the
budget and other resources.
Gaines, L. K., & Worrall, J. L. (2012). Police
Administration (3 ed.). (L. Main, Ed.) Clifton Park, New York: Delmar
Cengage Learning.
Gaines, L. K., Glensor, R. W., & Peak, K. J. (2010). Police
Supervision and Management: In an Era of Community Policing. Upper Saddle
River: Pearson Education, Inc.
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